iFit Duo Brings the Business in the Front, Fitness in the Back

“Business in front. Fitness in the back” is the tagline for the iFit Duo, and after one look it’s not hard to see why the company decided to steal the spotlight from your average mullet (yes, we are aware that mullets are a “party” in the back but we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring up mullets so deal with it). With an analog clock-face that flips to become a digital fitness tracker, this gadget is aiming to combine the best of all worlds. The approach is novel to say the least, and as lovers of both analog and digital gadgetry we have to confess it potentially scratches us right where we itch. But does it live up to the hype? Read on to find out.

ifit duo fitness watch front side


At first glance the iFit Duo resembles a traditional, elegant watch with a classic dial face and the hallmarks of premium craftsmanship. The “classic” side comes in a few variations with names like “Knight” or “Cloud” and each variation is unfussy and clean and something you’d be happy with regardless of any hidden features. However, the watch’s true essence isn’t unveiled until you flip over the “classic” face to reveal an LCD screen that details your daily fitness activity.

In the post-Apple Watch universe, the digital side of the iFit Duo is probably not as impressive as it could be whereas the read-out has what might be referred to as an old-school appearance. Nevertheless, the watch does represent a true meeting ground between style and functionality and we’d certainly be happy to wear one based on the look alone.

ifit duo fitness watch in the hand


It would be negligent not to once again mention the reversible watch face since the feature is in and of itself the selling point of the iFit Duo. Flipping between the two sides is indeed effortless and even a little addictive. Wait, we want to do it just a few more times…okay, done.

ifit duo fitness watch art 3 axis accelerometer

Where were we? Oh yes–the features. Thanks to a state of the art 3-axis accelerometer, the iFit Duo is capable of tracking activity like walking, running, biking, sleeping and swimming. The device can also efficiently log and update calorie intake in real time as well as track heart rates via BLE. Other features include automatic mode changes, smartphone notifications, rechargeable battery, interchangeable bands, and water resistance. The Duo will also inform you when you’re not meeting you fitness quotas by encouraging you to get out and walk or exercise more, which as far as we’re concerned is essential given how easy it is to sit on the couch and binge-watch Breaking Bad for like the seventh time.

ifit duo fitness watch on the table with phone


Most working men do their best to retain active lifestyles and the iFit Duo really shines in the usability department. As mentioned above, it’s incredibly easy if not a little addictive switching between the two interfaces. Being the watch is compatible with current BLE, cloud and smartphone technology, you can sync it up your existing iFit account, which is a major convenience and easy way to keep track of all your fitness-related data. That’s not to mention that the watch is essentially perfect for every occasion. You can wear it to work or to a professional engagement just as easily as you can wear it on a jog or to bed. Usability in just about any environment is definitely what the creators had in mind when designing this watch.

ifit duo fitness watch  and phone with sneakers


iFit’s latest endeavor has opened the doors for a new mode of consolidation for modern men. Assuming it catches on the imitators will come barging in with their own reversible watches soon enough. Who knows? Maybe it will become the gold standard. Until then the iFit Duo is a great way to get the ball rolling and we recommend it for anyone who values craft and functionality in equal measure.

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