Kogan Atlas Ultraslim Pro Notebook – An Ultraslim Laptop at an Ultraslim Price

Sometimes you just need an affordable computer that’s on par with the latest innovations and gets the job done. Period. That’s where something like the Kogan Atlas Ultraslim Pro Notebook comes in. The laptop is light, sleek, fast, optimal, compact and cheaper than most alternatives. Hosting a space grey exterior and equipped with a 2.2GHz Intel Core m3 processor, the Kogan Atlas Ultraslim Pro delivers genuine bang for your buck. And that’s often exactly what you’re looking for.

new gray atlas ultraslim pro notebook

We like to think of Kogan’s latest as the quintessence of unfettered usability. In other words, this device is not going to reinvent the wheel nor is it trying to. Instead, it covers the basics in style and will serve you well as a lightweight computer on the go. That means Intel HD graphics and a QHD display that brings images and videos to life with exceptional clarity, at four times the resolution of standard HD in fact. It also means a 256GB solid state drive (a faster alternative to normal hard disk drives) and 8GB of RAM to go with the Intel processor. Put it all together and then toss in new and improved Wi-Fi AC and you get consistently swift and smooth performance even as you handle a bevy of tasks.

outside device connector kogan atlas pro notebook

Equipped with a vast array of ports, the Kogan Atlas Ultraslim Pro also allows for seamless transferring of data and fast charging. More specifically, the computer includes the following ports: a hyper-fast USB Type-C, a USB 3.0, a USB 2.0, and a Micro HDMI. The USB 3.0 has a 5Gbit/s transfer rate, equating the lightning quick streaming or downloading from you USB device. Meanwhile, the battery will last on average up to 8 hours before needing a charge. That battery measurement is based on 1080p Full HD playback with brightness at 23%.

kogan atlas pro notebook back and side view

Even more than the performance and value, many owners are raving about the Kogan Atlas Ultraslim Pro Notebook design. The body is super thin at 14.6mm and super lightweight at just over 1Kg. Thanks to the use of trusty alumunium, the device is as sturdy as it is effortlessly portable. Regarding the colour…well, Apple has already proven that no one argues with grey. However, while the Kogan might bear resemblance to a MacBook at first glance, it runs on Windows 10. One might consider that pairing of breathtaking design and prime functionality a best-of-all-worlds scenario. After all, Windows 10 is engineered for gamers, students and professionals alike.

kogan atlas ultraslim pro notebook top view

Needless to say, the Kogan Atlas Ultraslim Pro Notebook has both the body and the brains. Of course, if you’re a hardcore tech-head who lives and dies by his computer, you’ll be looking elsewhere. But if you’re a student or simply a dude who wants a dependable machine that’s able to handle multiple tasks at high speeds and play media with brilliant clarity, look no further. If you need more convincing, that $800 price tag should do the trick. Indeed, Kogan’s latest is as light on the wallet as it is light in design.

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