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LG Puts 55-Inch OLED TV into New Rotating Media Chair

It just wouldn’t be CES without some seriously over-the-top technology. Thankfully, LG has delivered, this time in the form of its awe-inspiring Media Chair. Crafted by LG Display, the entity responsible for concepts rather than products, the LG Media Chair takes the brand’s futuristic bendable and rollable 55-inch OLED TV display and drops it into the cushy recliner. Comfort and clarity, entertainment set-ups don’t get much better than this.

Lg media chair 1

Image: LG Display

Unveiled in December as a sneak peek for what is to come at CED 2022, the Media Chair is designed to show off the remarkable versatility of flexible OLED screens. Honing in on the lazy-boy market is one way to do it and naturally, the reclining set-up has turned a few heads. But there is more to this innovation than simply chucking a big screen in front of your eyes. LG has put some serious thought into how this ensemble would come together and it shows.

Specifically, the screen features a curvature radius of 1,500R, which LG claims is the optimal angle for user visibility. Additionally, the Media Chair comes with the company’s built-in sound technology Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO), which enables the display to vibrate, creating its own sound without the need for external speakers. Once up and running, however, the real fun begins.

The Media Chair display has a pivot function that enables the screen to rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations. In essence, this ability allows the user to toggle between experiences in order to best suit their needs, customising their viewing to their own preferences. Best of all, this feature is controlled at the touch of a button on the display of the armrest, just like in the movies.

“Based on the infinite scalability of OLED, we will continue to provide a differentiated customer experience through convergence with different industries,” said Junho Yeo, managing director of LG Display’s business development.

Lg media chair

Image: LG Display

While hands-on reviews are still some way away, you can expect picture quality to be impressive. Over the last decade, LG has become renowned for its unique approach to television and display technology, being named as a CES Innovation Award honouree for eight consecutive years. This time around, the OLED display cops tens of millions of self-emitting pixels, once again eliminating the need for a separate backlight. It’s precisely this technology that has allowed LG to adapt and develop Bendable, Foldable, and Rollable addition, giving way for a multitude of new market adoption options. Fixing one to a recliner and strapping yourself in is just one of the many ways you can enjoy it.

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