The Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse Is for Serious Multitaskers

Logitech’s wireless MX Master 2S mouse was designed for power users that need to multitask. It is particularly useful for users that rely on multiple Windows and Macs to get things done.

logitech mx master 2s mouse for power user

The Logitech Flow feature allows you to easily control up to three computers with just one mouse. You just drag the MX Master 2S over to the edge of the computer, and the cursor will magically appear on the other computer. You can then use the mouse it to copy and paste content— such as files and images, from one computer to the other. Hyper-efficient scrolling makes it easy to scroll through long documents and web pages quickly. Easy-switch and dual connectivity, which lets you pair up to three devices to the mouse via Bluetooth low energy technology.

logitech mx master 2s mouse in the hand

Not only does the Logitech Master 2S feature a variety of advanced features, but it is comfortable and tracks on all surfaces. The sensor was upgraded from 1,000 to 4,000 DPI, which makes the MX Master 2S capable of tracking smoothly even on glass. This can be particularly useful for business travellers that constantly on the go and have to use a glass hotel table as a mouse pad.

logitech mx master 2s mouse top view

The MX Master 2S charged in just three minutes thanks to a super fast micro-USB charging cable. A full charge will last you seventy days. If you use a computer for extended periods of time, then you know how important it is to have a mouse that is ergonomically correct; otherwise, your wrist suffers the consequences. The MX Master 2S features a sculpted hand-crafted shape that supports the wrist and hand comfortably.

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logitech mx master 2s mouse scroll view

logitech mx master 2s mouse bottom view


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