Lua Turns Your Plants Into A Tamagotchi-Like Pet

They say that talking to your plants is a good way of helping them to grow and be healthy. They also say that if your plants talk back, it’s a pretty good indicator that you are in need of professional help. At least, that used to be the case. Lua is a new planter that turns your plant into a Tamagotchi-like pet.

lua pots determine the plants moisture, temperature and water

Lua uses sensors to monitor your plants health and then communicates your plants needs back to you via a screen on the planter. The sensors can trigger 15 different universal animated emotions, letting you know if the plant needs more water or less water, more sunlight or less sunlight; if it’s too cold or too hot, or even if it’s going to rain. Lua also has other animations that create a bit of variety, such as happy, puzzled, tired, waking up, and grumpy.

Lua can even stick its tongue out at you, and thanks to its motion sensors, Lua’s eyes can follow the movement, making it seem like your plant is watching you.

lua pots with beautiful red flower

Lua makes it easy to keep your plant alive. It measures moisture, exposure, temperature, and movement. You can connect it to your smartphone with a free mobile app that works offline. By telling the app which kind of plant you have, you’ll be guided to provide the right amount of light and water that your plant needs.

lua pots with varities of color

The planter comes in four different colours—eggplant, sunflower, agave, and a fourth colour that will be determined by the community. The planter measures 15 cm x 16 cm and weighs 500 grams. The screen is a 2.4-inch, 320 x 240px IPS LCD screen. Luna is powered via a standard USB port.

Lua Turns Your Plants Into A Tamagotchi-Like Pet

If you love your plants and wish that they would love you back, then turn it into a Tamagotchi pet with Lua.

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lua tamagotchi-like pet