Minimal Calendar App Uncomplicates Scheduling

Calendars have a simple purpose, but we seem to take things that are simple and overcomplicate them. Rationale Design is looking to take back the simplicity of calendars, especially on iPhones. The Minimal Calendar App by Rationale Design features a simple, bold design that is focused and clear.

Rationale pared down the options, decluttering the calendar and keeping only those functions that you need for a calendar. Navigation is simplified, and creating events is easy and fast. Editing is also a quick process. The app integrates with Apple iCloud, Google, Exchange, and all iOS supported calendars.

Life is complicated enough without adding even more complications like a bunch of unnecessary and unneeded features and functions to something that should be simple and straightforward. So let those things that need extra of this or that be that way, but keep the things that are supposed to help simplify your life be simple—just like the Minimal Calendar App.

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