Mission One is Like a PC, Only More Accessible

When you think of a computer, a certain image comes to mind. I’m guessing it’s a tower, black or grey colouring with a few lights and a grille for air circulation. IT studio Endless has decided things don’t have to be that way–in fact, they’ve decided things can be significantly more aesthetically pleasing. The Mission One computer comes in a neat little cube made from faux timber to match a desk and take up less precious space.

mission one pc power button and vga port

Built with a 500 GB hard drive, Intel Celeron processor and 2 GB ram, the Mission One is no gaming PC, but it will cover the basics and then some. It has all the connectivity options you would expect from a modern computer: HDMI and VGA outputs, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, LAN input, audio 3.5mm, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth.

mission one pc home screen bright wallpaper

Then there’s the operating system. The Mission One runs on Endless’ custom OS that’s based on Linux but looks more like the operating system you would find on a phone or tablet. The OS includes a tonne of pre-loaded educational content making it a useful tool for students, even without reliable or fast internet access. It includes an encyclopaedia, offline Wikipedia, an office program compatible with Microsoft Office, games and more.

The Mission One can’t run Windows-based software but Endless provide their versions of everything so you’ll be covered. It’s also incredibly cheap. US $249.

mission one pc home screen blur wallpaper

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