Never Settle for a Small Screen with Nebula Capsule II Pocket Cinema

Nebula Capsule II is the world’s first Android TV Pocket Cinema. Meaning this sleek hardware is a projector for your smartphone. Even with Android in its name, Nebula is compatible with iOS devices, laptops, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Whether it’s the latest film, game or just cat videos on YouTube, Nebula is perfect for big screen content on the road. Everyone seems to agree. Nebula has so far raked in over $1 million on Kickstarter.

Nebula Capsule II is the second generation of pocket cinema. The new model can project 720p HD images across 100 inches of screen. It’s powered by OSRAM LEDs, capable of twice the brightness of its predecessor. The smart software adjusts localised brightness in real-time to deliver a more radiant image, even in brighter environments.

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Capsule II’s internal speaker is also more powerful, with the driver enclosure expanded by 50%. This extra space allows sound to develop more power and resonance. Big Space = Big Bass. For console gaming, Capsule II supports 1080p HDMI input, offering 60fps.

When positioning, Capsule II can analyse its own projection via an onboard camera and adjusts the lens array until the picture is sharp. If you’re trying to project on to an angled surface like a tent, gravity sensors detect the angle and adjust for a vertically-squared image.

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The increased brightness and resolution consequently lead to higher power consumption so that the pocket cinema can be charged via a high-power USB-C charging port. Fast charging can apparently top up the battery in 2.5 hours. Capsule II projects 3 hours of HD cinema on a single charge, so plenty of time to make it through even Scorsese’s longest films.

The early bird pricing also sweetens the deal. You can secure a Nebula Capsule II pocket cinema on Kickstarter from US $399. That’s $200 off the eventual retail price. Nebula Capsule II is expected to ship May 2019. Next time you want to share cat videos, do it on the big screen.

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