NURVV Smart Insoles and Trackers Improve Your Run

If you’re going to get serious about any activity, it pays to develop proper technique. Not only does it improve your performance, it also keeps you safer and makes the activity more enjoyable. That definitely holds true for running. If you’re going to improve your running technique, then you’ll want to get NURVV’s smart insoles and trackers.

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After four years of extensive development, NURVV Run is undoubtedly the most advanced running product on the market. The insoles slip into your shoes just like any other insert. The difference, however, is that the NURVV insoles have 32 precision sensors that capture data 1,000 times per second. All that information is used to create running metrics measured directly from your feet, including cadence, step length, balance, foot strike, and pronation. The insoles pair with GPS trackers that detect the environment that you’re running in. These trackers have a 99 percent accuracy when measuring your distance and pace. Using that data gathered from the insoles and the trackers, you can review your performance and identify ways to improve using the free NURVV Run coaching app. The app provides guides on how and where you can improve using advanced biomechanics. You can also get personalized workouts to coach you on everything from how to run faster to how to reach and maintain a target pace. The app also provides in-run audio and visual cues to give you instant feedback on your performance.

NURVV Smart left front insoles and trackers

The system has a five hour active battery life and is rain, mud, and puddle proof. You can also select phone-free and indoor modes. NURVV is compatible with iOS 11 and above, Android 6.0 and above, Apple Watch Series 3 and up, and ANT+ from Garmin. You can pick up a set of the NURVV Smart insoles and trackers for $299.95.

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