Onyx is the New Black Thanks to Harman Kardon

Bluetooth speakers are the great lifestyle accessory of the 21st century – we talk about them a lot here at Man of Many and with good reason, manufacturers keep finding ways to make them sing even better, be it by pairing them up for a stereo effect, making them waterproof or giving them a battery life that an iPhone would envy. When US based outfit Harman Kardon, most famous for modern car stereo systems and top-shelf home entertainment units (they invented the hi-fi afterall) designed the Onyx Studio, they wanted to provide the Bluetooth speaker for the thinking man.

This, the Onyx Studio 3, isn’t your daily knockabout beach buddy, this is a Bluetooth speaker that’ll pair as aptly with your smartphone as it will with some Charles Mingus and a cigar. Weighing in at just over two kilos, its diameter spans eleven inches and boasts two woofers and two tweeters, a combination that guarantees crisp sound quality without sacrificing seriously sexy deep bass at the bottom end. With its powerful sound yet classic, understated design, it’s the kind of thing you’ll buy for your office, stick in the corner and then wonder how you ever did without.

onyx studio wanted to provide the bluetooth speaker