Save Up To $300 on Drones and Tech at DJI’s Easter Sale

So, it’s Easter and you’ve been yearning to spend a bit of money or your next big toy. Well, good news fam, our friends over at DJI Technologies have dropped a monster new sale to help kick off the long weekend. From April 2-16, the company is offering up to $300 off drones, cameras and smartphone accessories, so put down the chocolate and listen up.

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DJI’s Easter sale sees discounts on a select number of handheld and drone products to help you stay creative over the isolation lockdown. It’s a great way to keep the interest flowing hile you get ‘virtually outside’.

Here are our top picks from the DJI Technologies’ Easter sale.

DJI Technologies Easter Sale - Mavric Pro 2

Mavic Pro 2

Perfect for aerial photographers, the Mavic 2 Pro is a sky-conquering image machine. With 10-bit HDR video and advanced drone technology, you can capture flawless images from distances that would previously have been deemed unattainable. What’s more, this bad boy is a full $300 off the regular price, down to AUD $2,199 (Save AUD $300) from the original AUD $2,499 ticket.

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DJI Technologies Easter Sale - Osmo Pocket

Osmo Pocket

Compact, lightweight and intelligent, the Osmo Pocket is the ultimate handheld stabilised camera. DJI’s smallest 3-axis mechanical handheld gimbal, the Osmo Pocket precisely adjusts for your movements, turning your handheld video of a golden sunset into a cinematic masterpiece. You can pick one up at the DJI Technologies Easter sale for just $499, a cooler $100 off the regular price.

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DJI Technologies Easter Sale - Osmo Action

Osmo Action

A super durable and versatile action camera, DJI Technologies’ Osmo Action is a travel beast. Osmo Action’s dual screens allow you to capture images front-facing or back. The underwater capabilities make the Osmo Action perfect for the adventurer looking to snap some high-quality pics. At the DJI Technologies Easter sale, you can score one for $369, down from the regular price of $499.

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DJI Technologies Easter Sale - tello


This super-small drone has all the bells and whistles you need from a beginner addition. Tello is programmable with Scratch, an MIT-developed coding system that allows kids and teens to learn the basics of programming while they play. But don’t worry, the Tello is also equipped with a high-quality image processor, so you can still shoot solid photos and videos. All that for just $129.

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