Sharktivity App Features Interactive Shark Sightings Map

Sharks get a pretty bad rap. They’re often chosen as the subject for movies, inevitably being cast as the villain just for doing what comes naturally. Perhaps no other shark has been given more of a bum deal than the Atlantic White Shark. The challenge is that humans constantly invade the white shark’s habitat. What’s an apex predator supposed to do when fresh meat is introduced to its ecosystem?

Sharktivity app helps find sharks

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy works to support scientific research into these amazing creatures. They are also focused on improving public safety and on educating communities on how they can help conserve Atlantic White Sharks. Their Sharktivity App, available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, keeps people informed on the sightings, detections, and movements of white sharks in the hopes of reducing the number of dangerous encounters—both for humans and for sharks. The app also provides updates on research to help educate people. You can use the app to view sightings and to submit your own sightings. Curious viewers and scientists can use the data to find sharks to see and study. The rest of us can just steer clear so that we don’t reenact a scene from Jaws.

The app was developed by Conserve.IO. The company has “the singular focus of bringing conservation into the 21st century.” They work with crowdsourcing technology to help bring conservation data to the masses in order to help everyone better understand the world around them, and what they can do to help conserve nature. The app is sponsored by Everglades Boats and Whiteshark Plate.

Sharks play a vital role in their ecosystem and only do what comes naturally to them. The Sharktivity App makes it possible for people to still enjoy the shark’s ecosystem without interrupting their lives. Keeping both humans and sharks alive is a conservation movement we can all get behind.

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