Shoulderpod R2 Pocket Rig is a Portable Rig For Your Smartphone

Move over, selfie stick. All the way over. The Shoulderpod R2 Pocket Rig is here to turn pretty much any locale into an impromptu photo or video shoot. Designed to handle most smartphones and compatible with virtually all photo/video equipment, the Shoulderpod R2 is compact, portable and adaptive. Think of it as a mobile movie studio minus the trucks, unions, interns and other headaches.

shoulderpod r2 pocket rig adjustable grip handle

Included with the rig is a sturdy and adjustable grip made of wood and aluminium, a handle, a short plate, two knobs, a cold shoe and a wrist strap. The Shoulderpad R2 is also built to accommodate a microphone or light. In keeping with its versatility, the rig platform has been designed as a modular system, meaning it can adapt at the same pace as the adjoining technology. The rig has also been thoroughly tested to ensure it doesn’t fail you when you’re about to capture the shot of a lifetime.

With its light and compact structure, the Shoulderpad R2 allows you to prepare accordingly for your next shoot or adventure. For harsher terrains, consider just bringing the core unit. And if you have more freedom, load up on accessories and go full Spielberg. No matter what, you’ll be putting those selfie takers to absolute shame.

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