The Smart Bladeless Future of Temperature Control – The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

This odd looking piece of technology from Dyson is both an intelligent fan and heater that’s bladeless, cutting edge and controllable from your smartphone. Those with asthma, hayfever and allergies will appreciate that the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool link automatically removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns from the air. It captures ultra fine particles including pollen, bacteria and pet dander. A layer of activated carbon granules captures odours and potentially harmful VOCs like paint fumes.

When we say the Pure Hot + Cool link is intelligent we mean it. The environment is automatically monitored, heated or cooled and purified – then reports the room conditions to your Dyson Link app so you can remotely control your environment to suit your needs. The jet focus control concentrates airflow so that one person may receive airflow while another doesn’t. It’s perfect for those couples with contrasting body temperatures. Night mode monitors and purifies, but only using the quietest settings and dims the LED display.

dyson pure hot plus cool with remote

If you happen to let your smartphone run flat, a small remote with ten airflow settings is magnetised and stored on the device. Available in a series of colours, sizes and shapes, there will be a Pure Hot + Cool link perfect for your home.

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