This Tiny Sony MP-CL1 Projects a 120-inch Screen

Common sense tells us that the experience of a movie theater cannot be replicated. Going out, buying popcorn, spending some cash on a ticket to sit in a comfy chair with a large projector screen. However, Sony isn’t happy with that as your only option. Their new MP-CLI Portable Mobile Projector aims to spread the ability to have a theater-like experience anywhere, by allowing for HD projection of video on up to a 120 inch screen. So save the money on the ticket and crash on your couch, as Sony brings the theater to your living room.

sony mp cl1 mobile projector all connector

Using Sony’s Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology, the processing system allows the MP-CL1 to project images at HD resolution with focus-free projection as well as seamless viewing, even if you’re on uneven surfaces. With the addition of auto focus, the projector can keep constant, uninterrupted focus at various distances without the need for manual adjustments. Thanks to LBS, images projected should also be devoid of any residual lag, including videos with action scenes. When put all together into a pocket sized device, it’s simply a great viewing experience at excellent quality, able to pack and go with you anywhere.

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