SpyFinder Pro Hidden Camera Detector Will Let You Know If Others Are Watching

It wasn’t too long ago that being overly concerned about your privacy would have made you sound paranoid. Nowadays, it makes you sound practical. Indeed, in this current era of hyper-technology, it seems like your every move is potentially being monitored, sometimes without your knowledge or consent. You might even wish there was a way to determine whether a camera has you in its crosshairs this very minute. Enter SpyFinder Pro, a hidden camera detector that recently launched on Kickstarter. With one of these at your disposal, you can locate every hidden camera lens in the room.

spyfinder pro camera in woman hand

SpyFinder Pro comes to us from Spy Associates, who have been making similar products since the late 1990s. Given the company’s decades of experience in privacy protection, it’s safe to assume their latest creation works like a charm. Featured on the pocket-friendly, battery-powered gadget are high-intensity LEDs, a light controller, and a viewfinder. It works by locating reflections off of hidden lenses, and can detect cameras of virtually any type–including wired, wireless, digital, analog, CCD, CMOS, CCTV, and Fisheye–from up to 45 feet away.

spyfinder pro in the hand

The truth is that there’s no shortage of situations where you might be exposed to an unauthorised camera. In fact, there could be someone or something spying on you this very minute, especially if you’re renting an Airbnb, living in a new apartment, working in an office, or going through a divorce. Sure, the odds are slim, but this day in age, do you really want to leave things to chance?

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