best steam machine 2018

Two weeks have passed since CES in Las Vegas, but news about some of its greatest finds are still making waves. One such item at CES was Valve Corp.’s first gaming platform, SteamOS developed in cooperation with Alienware. SteamOS will bring computer gaming to your TV along with online streaming of music and video. With an 8 by 8 inch footprint and only 3 inches tall, the ‘Steam Machine’ has a much smaller frame than the XBox One and PS4. Don’t let its size fool you though, SteamOS is rumored to target 1080p native revolution and will surpass PS4 and XboxOne in raw gaming power, which is really all you care about. The gaming system will also support the standard hdmi output as well as hdmi input and integrated HD entertainment feeds. Incapable of settling for ‘good enough’, steam is also pushing the boundaries of gaming controllers with an ergonomic minimalist design. This one’s a must see. Arriving in late 2014.

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