Suunto Traverse

Suunto Australia recently announced their new outdoor watch, the Sunto Traverse. Designed for the more casual outdoor enthusiast, the Traverse combines your standard outdoor functions with GPS navigation, topographic maps and a sturdy, stylish construction. The watch comes in black, white and amber, with a graphite color to be released in the U.S., and all look great. This isn’t always the case with outdoors watches so it’s definitely worth noting as an advantage of the Traverse.

suunto traverse black color watch

The watch is built to be simple yet robust – it tracks key exploring statistics such as altitude, vertical speed and total distance, and allows you to save points of interest along your way. The automatic breadcrumb trail ensures you can re-trace your steps when needed – and with a storm alarm, you’ll know exactly when you need to do just that. Starting at $549.99, the watch is packed with features, attractive and fairly versatile, making a good overall package.

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suunto traverse silver color watch