The Ultimate Grass Cutter – Kobi Lawn Robot

No, we don’t mean that type of grass cutting. There is no need to hide your partners. We’ve all heard of the autonomous vacuum cleaner before and maybe to a lesser extent, an autonomous lawn mower but what about an autonomous lawn mower and snow plough in one? Its name is Kobi, and it’s the ultimate game changer, just like its namesake, Kobe Bryant. You’ll need to inform it of where to dump the leaves and snow according to the company, but other than that, Kobi will remember the route to take. It is equipped with a GPS and sensors to avoid obstacles within its route.

kobi robot front part

It is powered by quiet, efficient brushless motors and a lithium-ion battery. And when it starts to run out of juice, it will automatically return to its charging station. The majority of us in Australia don’t really experience the snow spectacles compared to Europe and North America, but there are definitely some parts in the colder times where snow becomes quite prevalent. Just like the legend, Kobe, it won’t pass anything onto you, it will just do it all. So just sit back and watch it work.

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