Unlock the Future: Tapplock One Smart Padlock

Forgetting your combination to your lock at the gym or misplacing the key to your bike-lock is one of the worst feelings. Not only do you not have access to your stuff, you have to either go buy bolt cutters or call the maintenance guy to come over and assist you–like not being able to change a tyre it’s the ultimate insult to injury.

Tapplock can help you with that.

Tapplock has produced the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock and branded it: Tapplock one.

tapplock smart padlock collection

With this state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor, unlock your possessions in less than a full second, 0.8 to be exact. If you want your girlfriend or your roommate to have access as well, no problem. The Tapplock one can store up to 500 fingerprints. The additional users don’t slow down the process either. With an adaptive algorithm, the lock learns more and more about your fingerprint each time you use it and becomes faster and more accurate with each request to access.

High-tech features isn’t all that the Tapplock one can offer. It is water and weather resistant, has two additional ways to unlock, allows you to share access wirelessly, is nearly unbreakable, even with traditional lock-hacking tools, and has a battery life of over a year will a fully rechargeable cells.

Check it out

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