Zero Zero Drops Rotors for the V-Coptr Falcon Drone

If you’re a drone enthusiast, then you undoubtedly know something about having to wait for batteries to charge, especially since flight time is notoriously short for drones. Zero Zero Robotics has a new drone design that promises a flight time of up to a nearly impossible to believe 50 minutes. That flight time doesn’t come from slapping a cinder block sized battery on the drone. Instead, it comes from taking away two of the rotors.

Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon Drone front

The Zero Zero V-Copter Falcon Drone has abandoned the typical four rotor design in favor of a twin rotor design inspired by the V-22 Osprey. This design creates a two-fold efficiency gain, which results is a greater flight time, explains Zero Zero Robotic’s COO Emily Wang. “With a quad-rotor design, you have a lot more air resistance because basically as it flies forward the whole top (of the drone) ends up facing the direction of flight,” explains Wang. “With tilt-rotor technology, the profile stays more or less the same the entire time you’re flying. We really think it’s going to be a game changer and it’s really a big breakthrough.”

Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon Drone side view

That extended flight time is accompanied by a camera capable of 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. It can also take 12-mgapixel photos. The camera is stabilized by a three-axis motorized gimbal, so you’ll have clear images when shooting or recording. Zero Zero also brought over some of the subject-tracking options from its selfie-focused Hover line, as well as it’s tried and tested front obstacle avoidance system. The Falcon also has a transmission range of up to 4.3 miles, so you’ll be able to capture those long-distance shots that other drones have never been capable of.

zero zero falcon drone

The Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon Drone is available for pre-order at a reduced price of $699, and requires a down payment. Come February, when the unit starts shipping, that price will jump to $999.

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Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon Drone