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LEGO Bricks Up the Land Rover Defender 90 75th Anniversary

If we were talking about an actor accepting a role in a new movie or TV show, we could easily bring up the idea of typecasting—where a performer is cast in a part that calls for the same characteristics that the performer already possesses. While we’re not talking acting, we could still be talking typecasting with the new LEGO Land Rover Defender 90. This is truly a case where a block is called on to make—well, a block.

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LEGO Defender 90 | Image: LEGO

The squared shape of a Land Rover Defender 90 aside, the LEGO Technic set is a near-perfect replica model. It takes 2,336 pieces to make the miniature Defender, and every single one contributes to the blocky and iconic look in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Land Rover.

Arriving in a classic sage green with a white top, all the other details are there as well, including the spare tire on the rear door and hood, a snorkel coming out of the engine compartment along the A column, and a solid front bumper complete with auxiliary lights and a working winch. On the roof rack, you can pack jerrycans, traction boards, a jack, and a toolbox. If those aren’t enough tools to create the realism that you’re looking for, you’ll also find a pickaxe, hammer, axe, and fire extinguisher strapped to the Defender.

Inside, the steering wheel is accompanied by gauges and you can remove the hard top to show off the interior, including the back rows of seats. Under the hood, you’ll find one of two engine options—the V8 or turbo diesel. You can also choose from two different plate versions (available as stickers). To top it all off, the steering and suspension are both fully functioning. The model measures 12.5 inches long and is 6 inches wide. It stands 6 inches tall.

The LEGO Land Rover Defender 90 adds new meaning to the blocky design of the real-world version, but it’s also the perfectly suited material to make a handsome model of the legendary off-roader. The set is ready for purchase for AUD$369.99.

Check out the LEGO Land Rover Defender 90

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LEGO Defender 90 | Image: LEGO

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