MB43 Willys Jeep Will Win You “Best Dad” for Years to Come

There are several powered toy cars for kids out there, but none quite like the MB43 Willys Jeep by Toylander. The Willys Jeep is a model reproduction of the jeep used by the United States military for decades. The rough and rugged Jeep earned its way through many different theaters of war to become a part of the American landscape. Now little tykes playing soldier can take things to an even more realistic level.

The Toylander Willys Jeep isn’t just a fun ride for the kids, though. It’s also a fun project for the parent of the house. Toylander offers the option of purchasing a comprehensive build manual so that you can assemble the Jeep yourself. The manual comes with all the details you’ll need, including cutting details and dimensions for the body panels as well as component parts. If building from scratch sounds a little more intimidating of a project than you want to take on, you can order the parts from Toylander and they’ll ship them out to you.

Once built, the Toylander MB43 Willys Jeep comes with forward and reverse modes, speed control, footbrake, handbrake, lights, folding windscreen, pneumatic tires, and a horn. And, believe it or not, it will have room for one adult and two children with a top speed of 5 miles per hour.

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