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DoggFace holding his skateboard in air with both hands standing in cargo of his truck

Ocean Spray Buys DoggFace a Truck for his Viral TikTok Video

To go viral means so much more than when the Numa Numa guy was taking over the internet by dancing to Romanian pop songs. Instead of Euro beats from 2003, we have Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and instead of a white guy in front of an old and crappy 2000s webcam we have Nathan Apodaca gliding and filming himself along the highway while sipping on a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. Millions of reposts and retweets later, the user behind the 420doggyface208 TikTok account has won a whole lot more than just the hearts of social media users the world over.

Getting noticed by Fleetwood Mac and the CEO of Ocean Spray, Nathan could never have expected his video to bring him so much notoriety and reward. Gifted a new truck decked out in Cranberry Red and filled to the brim with a lifetime supply of the delicious drink, Tom Hayes and Ocean Spray are showing their thanks to an individual that brought this crazy world of ours so much joy.

Working as a labourer at a potato warehouse in Idaho, his daughters were the ones to put him on TikTok a few years ago. Telling the Los Angeles Times that he was “longboarding after his truck battery died,” Nathan took to the road sipping on Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice right out of the bottle while lip-syncing the 1977 Fleetwood Mac track Dreams.

A perfect combination of relaxation and freedom, the video resulted in a massive surge in downloads for the now 43-year-old song. Having been born just after its release, at only 37, Nathan is a lot older than most creators on the platform. “Everybody always says ‘do more skating videos.’ … I just do me, basically,” he told the Times. “And it puts smiles on faces. And that’s what makes me happy about it.”

Well Nathan, it makes us happy too!