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Weird instagram accounts

10 Weirdest Instagram Accounts to Follow

Since the app hit our smartphones last decade, Instagram has put the world in all its weird and wonderful glory into your pocket.

Whether it’s for music, travel, fashion, sport, women or food, Instagram has become the audiovisual app of choice. But beneath the surface is some of the wackiest, and wackest, content around. Here’s our carefully curated list of the best weird Instagram accounts.

1. Jan Erichsen – @janerichsen

The self-described visual artist and balloon destroyer, the inimitable Jan Hakon Erichsen specialises in his own brand of DIY destruction.

If a grown man pulleying a bunch of bananas against his forehead, or laying waste to a row of balloons with kitchen knives taped to plywood, is your kind of thing, then this is Instagram account for you.

We’re not sure what exactly balloons have done to him in the past to warrant such a response, but it makes for some of the most unique content we’ve seen, with suitably weird Instagram captions to match.

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2. beeple – @beeple_crap

It’s likely your first thought when browsing the esoteric artwork of beeple is that he could surely be putting his sizable talent to better use. Then again, he’s currently sitting pretty with over 1 million insta followers, so who are we to judge.

Featuring a range of subjects from Elon Musk to Pokemon, Donald Trump to Buzz Lightyear, beeple’s illustrations come across like the lurid fever dreams of a pop-culture obsessive with an android fetish.

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3. Mothmeiser – @mothmeister

A Belgian photography duo, Mothmeister are perhaps best described as if the Brothers Grimm gave up the fairytale game for a camera and a qualification in taxidermy. To describe their images as disturbing is to do them a disservice, as what they produce is stunningly haunting in its own way.

They’ve even released a book of photography entitled ‘Mothmeister: Weird and Wonderful Post-Mortem Fairy Tales’ and regularly field commissions from bands looking for their next album cover.

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4. Bread Face – @breadfaceblog

If you’re one of those people who believe the best use of baked goods is as a vessel for strangers on the internet to slowly press their face into like some kind of pastry-based pillow, look no further than Bread Face.

As their weird Instagram bio testifies, Bread Face is “giving the people something they didn’t ask  for.” Truer words have never been spoken.

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5. Mr Handsup – @mr.handsup

Mr Handsup, aka Andrew Stoletov, has a simple artistic philosophy: take fairly innocuous photos of people from all walks of life with both hands raised in the air and post them online for everyone to enjoy.

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6. PaulieV – @paulievlogs

Like it has with so many aspects of life, the internet has completely democratised the pretentious food criticism industry. Nowadays, anyone with a blog and a passing interest in eating can become a bonafide food critic.

If you’re looking for culinary critiques that are more salt of the earth and less Himalayan pink rock salt, PaulieV is a balding, overweight man who offers reviews of supermarket staples like corn chips, Oak milk and salt and pepper squid. He also has a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and opens every review with his timeless catchphrase “hello my lovelies.”

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7. Combo Photo – @combophoto

Stephen McMennamy, the brains behind Combo Photo, has a preternatural knack for combining the most unexpected of everyday objects. If you’ve always wondered what it would look like if you melded a coffee mug with a urinal, or a dog with the head of a cauliflower, he’s your guy.

But looking beyond the novelty, it’s clear McMennamy is a master editor, producing images that would not look out of place in the world’s premier photography galleries.

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8. Remmi Demmi – @__remmidemmi

This is the Insta account of Italian photographer Sandro Giordano, and serves as the hub for a series of images he’s named ‘IN EXTREMIS – bodies with no regret’. According to Giordano, the images “tell the stories of people who live life at an exhausting pace”, like lifestyle magazine ads in which the subject has faceplanted at the exact second the shutter goes off.

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9. Bruno Pontiroli – @brunopontiroli

Put simply, Bruno Poniroli is a Paris-based artist who creates paintings of contortionist animals and humans in various off-putting poses. Like most of the artists in this list, there’s no denying his talent, but some of his artworks are truly the work of a madman.

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10. IFYOUHIGH – @ifyouhigh

Unlike some of the weirder Instagram accounts on our list, here the clue is in the name.  IFYOUHIGH offers an assortment of physic- and reality-defying videos designed to appeal to those looking for a bit of post-joint stimulation.

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General FAQ

What are the weirdest Instagram accounts?

Some of the weirdest Instagram accounts to follow are beeple, Mothmeister, Combo Photo, and Remmi Demmi.

Who is the most followed person on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo has the most popular account on Instagram. He is the most followed person with nearly 244 million followers.