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Funniest Instagram Accounts for a Guaranteed Laugh

Rife with hilarious videos, photos, memes, quotes, and captions, funny Instagram accounts will take you down a veritable rabbit hole of Internet entertainment. Coming to you from all over the world, each one packs big comedy into the smallest of places. Indeed, it’s not easy to elicit laughs with a few seconds of video or a solitary photo, but these hilarious Instagram accounts make it happen over and over again.

Since you can never have too much of a good thing, we’re highlighting 24 of our favourite funny Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to follow @manofmany on Instagram.

1. Fashion Dads – @fashiondads_

If you think your folks are embarrassing, this funny Instagram account might put those fears to rest. It goes by the name of Fashion Dads, but “dad fashion” is more like it. There’s also an adjoining line of shirts and mugs, which respectively exhibit playful catchphrases.

Run by: Ashley Hesseltine, Travis May
Followers to date: 173k

Fashion Dads

2. Brown Cardigan – @browncardigan

Sure, you’ve heard of Cardi B, but have you heard of B Cardi (aka Brown Cardigan)? This popular account is overloaded with funny Instagram videos and an endless cast of Australia’s most colourful characters. Don’t forget to scope the merch.

Followers to date: 913k

Brown Cardigan

3. No Chaser- @nochaser

Formerly @drunkpeopledonigthings, the name pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? Come to this wildly popular Instagram account to find out what 10k followers already know: that drunk people are funny. Prepare to have your faith in humanity either completely restored or completely destroyed, depending on the type of person you are.

Run by: Doing Things Media
Followers to date: 7.7 m – @nochaser; 10.6k – @drunkpeopledoingthings

Drunk People Doing Things

4. Kookslams – @kookslams

Do you like the sound (and sight) of wannabe surf dogs aka kooks falling off their boards or getting taken out by the nearest wave? If so, then this funny Instagram account is the one for you. Personally, we can’t get enough of it.

Followers to date: 1.6 m


5. Jerry of the Day – @jerryoftheday

For funny Instagram videos from the wide world of sports, look no further than Jerry of the Day. Since 2011, it’s been sharing extreme bloopers, bungles, gaffs, and boo-boos to the delight of numerous followers. Just how many followers, you ask? Try 1.6 million and counting.

Followers to date: 1.7 m

Jerry of the Day

6. Old Row – @oldrowofficial

Crazy college kids are always up to something entertaining, and Old Row is here to prove it. Come for the funny Instagram photos, captions, videos, and comments, stay for the gratuitous shots of booze and bikinis. You’re welcome.

Followers to date: 2.1 m

Old Row

7. I’m Schmacked – @imshmacked

Like something out of a parent’s worst nightmares, I’m Schmacked pulls the curtain back on a range of zany campus antics. This funny Instagram feed is chock full of so much alcohol-fueled mania that you might catch a buzz just by looking at it. Naturally, you should start following it post haste.

Followers to date: 17.4 k

I’m Schmacked

8. The Betoota Advocate – The Betoota Advocate

Australia’s favourite source of satirical news makes for one of social media’s most addictive pages. Meanwhile, a number of those funny Instagram headlines are inching closer and closer to reality. That begs the question: is satire still funny when it comes true?

Followers to date: 653 k

The Betoota Advocate

9. Sh*t Adelaide – @shitadelaide

Bringing you the good, bad, and ugly of Adelaide, this funny Instagram account is better than any city tour we’ve ever taken. Expect South Australia’s coastal capital to come to life like never before, warts and all. This is the sh*t in every multi-faceted sense of the word.

Followers to date: 295 k

Sh*t Adelaide

10. David Marie – @davidtherobot

Artist David Marie (aka davidtherobot) creates unique drawings that are both utterly juvenile and endlessly inventive. In turn, his Instagram page remains a veritable treasure trove of deliciously trashy humour. Join the pervert club by following him today.

Run by: David Marie
Followers to date: 344 k

David Marie

11. Vegar Landsverk – @funnywhenitswrong

Vegar Landsverk curates the world of human folly to wicked perfection on his popular feed. Consider it your one-stop destination for funny Instagram memes and viral videos, with gut-busting captions to boot. Landsverk says it best himself: sometimes being wrong feels so right.

Followers to date: 800 k

Vegar Landsverk

12. Harry Chronic Jr. – @harrychronicjunior

Digital wizard Harry Chronic Jr. puts his signature touch on a host of videos and images to highly watchable effect. From retro video game graphics to hilarious text bubbles to trippy montages, Chronic Jr. keeps the entertainment coming strong. Plus, you just gotta love the name.

Followers to date: 74.6 k

Harry Chronic Jr.

13. Teenage Stepdad – @teenagestepdad

By juxtaposing pop culture references with funny Instagram quotes, Teenage Stepdad serves up his own special brand of modern meme. The result is Internet-based irreverence at its finest, and some killer merch as well.

Followers to date: 274 k

Teenage Stepdad

14. Vic Berger IV – @vicbergeriv

We live in an absurd world and Vic Berger IV isn’t about to let us forget it. His funny Instagram feed puts an inventive twist on plenty of familiar subjects. Clever captions come in to seal the deal.

Followers to date: 118 k

Vic Berger IV

15. Dr. Fakenstein – @drfakenstein

Have you ever wondered what Jamie Foxx’s head might look like atop Patti Labelle’s body? Or how a morph of Elon Musk and Dwayne Johnson would turn out? Start following Dr. Fakenstein and all will be revealed.

Followers to date: 182 k

Dr. Fakenstein

16. Kanye Doing Things – @kanyedoingthings

Kanye West is such an outrageous character that it doesn’t take digital trickery to make his life entertaining. Proving as much is this funny Instagram account, which makes good on its name by showing Kanye…well…doing things. What things? Any things, really.

Followers to date: 1.1 m

Kanye Doing Things

17. Bogan Plates – @boganplates

Distinguishing yourself as a funny Instagrammer is all about finding the right angle (or shall we say the right hashtag?). That brings us to Bogan Plates and its stash of chuckle-worthy license plates from around the world. If you’re desperately bored, it’ll do.

Followers to date: 24.1 k

Bogan Plates

18. Pubity – @pubity

Memes. Culture. Comedy. That’s the name of the game over at Pubity, where you’ll find all of the Internet’s greatest hits. This is the stuff that funny Instagram is made of, with 26.1 million followers to show for it.

Followers to date: 26.1 m


19. Look at This Russian – @lookatthisrussian

Russians are notorious for their total lack of humour, which only makes this Instagram feed that much funnier. Featuring Russian citizens (and their dear leader) in all their bizarre and outlandish glory, these funny Instagram pictures and videos are truly stranger than fiction. You’ll be saying “look at this Russian” until you’ve scrolled all the way back to the first post.

Followers to date: 931 k

Look at this Russian

20. Peeje – @peejet

Picture your favourite female hip-hop stars as they strike a pose for an iconic cover shoot or massively popular Instagram post. Now picture a random white dude with a shaved head inserting himself into every frame. Enough said.

Followers to date: 185 k


21. Miserable Men – @miserable_men

If you can believe it, there’s an entire Instagram page dedicated to men who are bored and miserable while out shopping. Wait, you’re on Instagram yourself, so of course you can believe it, just like you can believe that it has over 344k followers.

Followers to date: 345 k

Miserable Men

22. Fuck Jerry – @fuckjerry

Since 2011, Fuck Jerry has remained at the forefront of meme culture, hence its meteoric success. And while the company recently landed itself in hot water, that doesn’t mean it’s stopped churning out viral humour on a regular basis. Here’s hoping the mini-empire has learned from its meme-stealing and Fyre Festival-promoting ways. Onward and upward!

Followers to date: 15.5 m

Fuck Jerry

23. Roundabout Crew – @roundaboutcrew

We’re huge fans of Australian comedy group the Roundabout Crew, and their funny Instagram account doesn’t disappoint. Expect rapid-fire sketch comedy for the modern era, along with jokes that only true Aussies will understand.

Run by: Tom Armstrong
Followers to date: 24.3 k

Roundabout Crew

24. Anna Macfarlane – @kidsaretheworst

Let’s be honest: babies and toddlers aren’t exactly “fun” in the traditional sense. But they sure are funny. Just ask Anna Macfarlane, who’s dedicated an entire Instagram page to the subject.

Run by: Anna Macfarlane
Followers to date: 568 k

Anna Macfarlane

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General FAQ

What are the funniest Instagram accounts to follow?

A few of the funniest Instagram accounts to follow are Brown Cardigan, No Chaser, Dr. Fakenstein, and Bogan Plates.

What is the best meme page on Instagram?

The most followed meme page on Instagram is Epic Funny Page, Funny for short, with 17.2 million followers.