6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

When winter waltzes in, the scarf comes out to play. The humble scarf can tie any winter outfit together or elevate your personal aesthetic by way of pattern or texture. And while everyone more or less knows how to wear a scarf, utilising the various different knots can accentuate one’s look even more, taking it from functional to downright trending. The knot can be stylish or sensible or both at the same time. Check out the infographic below to see how to wear a scarf in 6 different ways, finding the one or two that suit you best. Who knew that keeping warm could be so involved? We’ll pick things back up after you scope the chart.

how to wear a scarf

As the infographic shows, it’s not just how to wear a scarf or how to tie one, it’s landing on an end result that speaks to your individual sense of fashion or even your personality. Speaking personally, we like the more functional approaches like the Weekender or the Jet Setter. After all, a scarf can be pretentious enough on its own so we’re not sure adopting a knot called the Ivy Leaguer will do you (or us) any favours. And the City Slicker, while certainly optimal, looks slightly too involved for our tastes.

Again, however, when it comes to learning how to wear a scarf, the knot is really just half the battle. What’s equally if not more important is that you find the scarf that goes with your outfit. The right scarf paired with the right get-up exudes pure warmth and amicability, meaning others will not just consider you a man of taste but they might even want to talk to you without knowing exactly why. Meanwhile, the wrong scarf (which is usually frayed, monochromatic and covered in cat hair) will emanate with vagabond vibes, as though you simply threw something on with no regard for appearances. The latter approach will still keep you warm, but that’s pretty much all it will do.

Source: 6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

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