ACE 16+ Ultra Boost Takes Adidas Sportswear to the Streets

Adidas are taking their sports footwear to the streets. Introducing the ACE16+ Pure Control Ultra Boost featuring an innovative hybrid design. This is the first time that football’s leading brand has taken an on-pitch shoe and reinvented it as a lifestyle shoe. It’s also the first of many occasions where Adidas will release an on-field design followed by a similar version for street wear. For now, the ACE16+ Pure Control Ultra Boost is one of a kind.

adidas ultra boost sole

Still designed for the high performance you would expect from football gear. The Pure cut laceless design wraps and adapts to your ankle’s natural contours for ultra-light comfort and all the necessary support. The Fit counter molded heel provides a perfect fit that allows optimal movement of the Achilles and the Torsion System between heel and forefoot creates stability. The Continental Rubber out sole provides exceptional grip in wet and dry conditions. If you’re into sports, this technical info will hopefully make sense to you. The ACE16+ Pure Control Ultra Boost is a limited edition shoe that’s also not available for purchase in Australia so you will need to do some online shopping to secure a pair.

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adidas ultra boost out sole design

adidas ultra boost angle view

adidas ultra boost out sole standard design

adidas ultra boost heel cap

adidas ultra boost toe design