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Frey is Laundry Detergent Re-imagined with a Men’s Scent

Heard about Frey detergent? It’s the clothing care brand that crafts premium masculine products that smell better, blend better and are safer for the environment.

See, there’s nothing wrong with the way you currently do your laundry. Albeit it’s a mindless experience. It’s treated as something that just needs to get done. And so what if your clothes smell like flowers afterwards? – Sarcasm.

Well, Frey shakes up the tiresome laundry experience. Its scent is inspired by the top male fragrances from around the world, blending essential oils and a dozen individual scents that leave your clothes fresh and you smelling like a man. Not flowers. 97 out of 100 customers prefer Frey’s fragrance to their previous detergent. Those are odds you can get behind.

frey detergent better for the environment

Frey detergent products are just as proven if not more so than other brands as they help your clothing retain its natural colour and feel. It’s the proprietary blend of gentle surfactants and enzymes that enable a potent, yet gentle clean.

Frey is also better for the environment, utilising a blend of more readily biodegradable surfactants and enzymes with concentrated formulas to minimise waste. Frey is a certified B Corporation, meaning they meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Plus Frey donates a portion of all profits to its non-profit partner.

If you’re one of those people who love subscription boxes or just receiving packages in the mail, Frey has customisable plans deliverable straight to your door, so you’re never without the means to clean your clothes. More importantly, it’s the excitment of opening packages.

Since its inception, Frey has appeared in GQ, London Times, BBC news, and even on Ellen. With a track record like that, what’s holding you back?

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97 out of 100 customers prefer Frey’s fragrance

frey laundry products for men

frey clothing care for men

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