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Best men's colognes

10 Best Perfumes and Colognes for Men to Wear Right Now

If you’re looking for an expertly curated list of the best perfumes and colognes for men this article is for you. Our team have spent nearly a decade testing and reviewing the most niche men’s scents and put together this concise list of their favourites. To get you on track, we’re starting with a few superstar fragrances before taking a detailed look at our favourites broken down into season, type, and notes. Finally, we’ll tell you how to wear them and give you some professional advice.

Best Fragrances for Men at a Glance

Highlights from our list include the following:

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

Terre dhermes eau givree by hermes
Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree by Hermes | Image: Hermes

1. Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree by Hermes

Price: from AU$216

The do-everything perfume for men of your dreams. Orange and zesty, citrusy, and with performance of up to 6 hours on the skin there’s everything to like about Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree. Did we mention it’s affordable? This is the one you’ve been looking for.It smells exceptional, but we do with the longevity was a little better. Expect 4-6 hours on the skin, but we’d love to see more than 6 hours. Quite hard to find as it’s becoming very popular.

One of the stand-out fragrances we’ve tested in the last year, Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree is a zesty and fresh fragrance that opens with orange peel and citrus before berries and pepper on the dry down. More importantly, it defers from the sea of sameness that we’ve somehow found ourselves in today with a bitter sourness that stops your nose from going scent-blind, attracting others in the process. Our only wish is that it lasted a little longer as the 4-6 hours of longevity is average compared to the more expensive options on our list. Nonetheless, it’s relatively affordable, and topping up every few hours isn’t a problem.

Top notes: Citron
Middles notes: Juniper Berries and Timut pepper
Base notes: Woody, Mineral notes

Galloway by parfums de marly
Galloway by Parfums de Marly | Image: Parfums de Marly

2. Galloway by Parfums de Marly

Price: from AU$398

Supremely fresh and from one of the best niche fragrance houses on the planet, there’s plenty to like here. If you’re sick of spicy ouds and zesty obnoxious scent then save a little coin and give Galloway a try.It’s not something to blindly buy because some reviewers online say that it’s a little generic for their liking – some even call it boring. We disagree on all accounts, but you might want to try it in-store and find out for yourself before purchasing. Especially at this price point.

Fresh and powdery, Galloway by Parfums de Marly has quickly become one of our favourite colognes for men. Don’t let the unisex label distract you because we guarantee that you’ll love the musky, powdery, and citrusy notes that play together so perfectly. It’s become our go-to during the warmer months, and although it’s supremely expensive, the smell is luxurious and beyond anything you’ll find from the typical designer brands. Longevity is great at up to 6 hours on the skin and more on clothes, in fact, we think it works even better on clothes because of the freshness. If you’re an iris lover and prefer scents without bergamots, give this a try ASAP. Even at this price it’s worth a blind buy, it’s that good.

Top notes: Citruses and Pepper
Middles notes: Orange Blossom and Iris
Base notes: Musk and Amber

Valentino uomo intense by valentino
Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino | Image: Valentino

3. Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino

Price: from AU$179

It’s sweet and light on the opening before drying down into a sexy vanilla accord. One of the best blind buys on the market, we could wear this every day and still love it. Perfect for every guys collection with great longevity of 5 hours and a sharp price to match. If you like Dior Homme Intense, don’t expect much difference here. We found it to be a little heavier on the vanilla and leather, but that’s not for everyone. Some would just buy DHI because of this and we can see why.

Sweet, light, and full of delicious iris notes, Uomo Intense by Valentino is an affordable alternative to Galloway by Parfums de Marly and a great competitor to Dior Homme Intense. Where Galloway goes citrusy and musky, Uomo Intense goes for a strong vanilla and leather base which helps with projection but oddly doesn’t help much with longevity. We measured this one at around 5 hours on the skin and not much more on clothes. Nonetheless, we love the leathery iris backbone here, but also the way it’s suitable for any and every environment. It starts at night time and when the weather gets cold, but you’re also able to wear it every day due to the accessible price point.

Top notes: Mandarin Orange and Clary Sage
Middles notes: Iris and Tonka Bean
Base notes: Vanilla and Leather

Grand soir by maison francis kurkdjian
Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian | Image: Maison Francis Kurkdjian

4. Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Price: from AU$540

Spicy, musky, and sensual in every single way, this perfume for men is guaranteed to get you plenty of compliments from the opposite sex. Performance exceeds 6 hours on the skin, as it should given the high price point. Give it time to dry down and you’ll fall in love.Hard to justify the exorbitant price point and completely out of budget for most. Can be quite a tough one to love if you don’t like strong amber, don’t expect much freshness or sweetness.

We’re moving from the citrusy, musky, iris-led colognes for men into something spicy here with Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Of course, after seeing the high price point there’s an expectation that this is going to blow your mind and we firmly believe it will. You have to give it time to dry down on the skin and let the complexity change over time as the base notes come through and overpower the zesty top notes. The unisex label and zesty opening show signs that this is a feminine option but the vanilla, musky, tonka base is seductive and very masculine. Then the amber smacks you in the face with beautiful projection after only 2-3 sprays. Longevity is great, but not outstanding and we found it to sit at right around 6 hours depending on the weather. One of the best ‘no budget’ fragrances ever.

Top notes: Labdanum cistus, Orange
Middles notes: Benjoin siam
Base notes: Amber, Cedar, Musk, Tonka, Vanilla

Acqua di gio parfum by giorgio armani
Acqua di Gio Parfum by Giorgio Armani | Image: Giorgio Armani

5. Acqua di Gio Parfum by Giorgio Armani

Price: from AU$195

Simple and safe, no one on earth thinks this smells bad. Most think it’s simply sublime. In saying that, we think it’s probably the best men’s perfume to give as a gift, especially at this price point.Our only real complaint here is the longevity which is only 4 hours on skin and similar on clothes. If Giorgio Armani could get 6 hours out of this scent it would become the stuff of legend.

This is one of the safest ‘blind buys’ in the fragrance world at the moment, but the name Alberto Morillas could’ve told you that. He’s the man behind this cologne for men and what he’s created is nothing short of legendary. If you’re a sweet fragrance lover then this is a great place to start, it doesn’t have the sharpness on the first spray like Profumo, but it still has the great dry down notes of rosemary, sage, patchouli, and olibanum that are uplifting and great for everyday wear. We’re lovers of both Profumo and Parfum as we see here, but the smoothness of the latter is why it makes our list of the best perfumes for men.

Top notes: Marine notes and Bergamot
Middles notes: Rosemary, Clary Sage and Geranium
Base notes: Olibanum and Patchouli

Royal oud by creed
Royal Oud by Creed | Image: Creed

6. Royal Oud by Creed

Price: from AU$539

Perfumer Julien Rasquinet will go down as one of the greats and this is one of his best works. Expensive, but also one of the cheapest Rasquinet’s you can buy right now, it’s royalty in the bottle as the name suggests. Supremely masculine, it’s what a rich man would wear in a cigar room as he sips on a glass of Scotch.Supremely masculine, but also supremely expensive. Some reviewers online have stated that they didn’t find the same longevity that we did in wearing this, so give it a try in-store and time yourself before spending such a chunk of money.

If you’re looking for the best masculine cologne for men right now, Royal Oud by Creed might be the definition. There’s pepper, lemon, and bergamot on the top notes and they’re ever present on the first spray with what smells like the best cigarette you’ve ever tried, it’s particularly spicy. Don’t worry if that’s not your flavour because the dry down is distinctively different with cedar, sandalwood, and musk coming through strongly for great performance and longevity. Our tester performed admirably with 6 hours of projection, but reviewers online have noted that Creed’s quality has been falling lately and longevity has taken a hit. Our recommendation? Get a tester and trial it for yourself. Not the safest blind buy, especially at this price.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Lemon and Sicilian Bergamot
Middles notes: Cedar, Angelica and Galbanum
Base notes: Sandalwood, Agarwood (Oud) and Musk

Boss bottled elixir by hugo boss
Boss Bottled Elixir by Hugo Boss | Image: Hugo Boss

7. Boss Bottled Elixir by Hugo Boss

Price: from AU$198

If Royal Oud by Creed is outside of your price range, this is the sexiest scent you can get for the money. With performance and longevity beyond 6 hours, it’s an incredible performer and available for under $200.Longevity is exceptional at 6-8 hours on the skin, but projection tends to fade quite quickly. Some reviewers online found the incense-like smell a little headache inducing when they prayed too much.

There are a million Boss Bottled fragrances on the market right now but Elixir is by far our favourite. If you’re a fan of Dior Sauvage Elixir then this is a great alternative and we’re willing to bet you’ll prefer it without the obnoxious pine accord. The first spray reveals rich resin, patchouli, and cedar, but dries down to a lovely incense-like cologne for men who like the finer things in life. Longevity is remarkable for something at this price point with our tests showing around 6 hours on skin and more on clothes. The best thing is the sexiness of this scent. You will attract more women with this fragrance, it’s just a fact.

Top notes: Frankincense and Cardamom
Middles notes: Patchouli and Vetiver
Base notes: Labdanum and Cedar

Another 13 by le labo 1
Another 13 by Le Labo | Image: Le Labo

8. Another 13 by Le Labo

Price: from AU$345

Clean, unique, and addictive, Another 13 by Le Labo is fast becoming one of the most popular fragrances in the world and we can see why. The longevity is there at 4-6 hours, but it’s the musky jasmine heart that caught our attention.The price point indicates a high-performance powerhouse, but it’s musky, light, and doesn’t perform any better than colognes half the price. Still, it’s unique, delicious, and perfectly niche.

This perfume for men is becoming obnoxiously popular because of its unique and niche smell, but that hasn’t stopped us from wearing it at every chance we get. First, due to the Iso E Super base note, we wouldn’t recommend blind buying this one. It’s one of those strange fragrance ingredients that some people simply can’t smell. We have no problem with it and love the musky heart and jasmine dry down before the ambrettolide and helvetolide take over and support the longevity. Speaking of which, it’s not the longest-lasting fragrance, we’ve tested it at 4-6 hours on skin, but it’s remarkable on clothes with 8 hours or more. Projection is fantastic at first but fades quickly. If you’re after something niche, give this a try.

Top notes: Pear, Apple and Citruses
Middles notes: Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Amyl Salicylate, Moss and Jasmine
Base notes: Iso E Super, Cetalox, Ambrettolide and Helvetolide

Homme sport by dior
Dior Homme Sport by Dior

9. Dior Homme Sport by Dior

Price: from AU$135

The cologne you want to leave in your car and wear every time you get in. Supremely versatile and ready for all occasions there’s a reason the Dior Homme line-up has such a cult following. We prefer Sport over Intense and Parfum because of its lovely lemon and bergamot dry down. Longevity is also great at 5 hours on the skin.Projection could do with a little work as you need 4-6 sprays just to get the intensity that you expect. Some reviewers online say it’s a little subtle for their liking.

Homme Sport is a fun, fresh, and clean fragrance that you can wear every single day no matter the occasion. It doesn’t have the cult following of Homme Intense or Homme Parfum, but we prefer the peppery and spicy dry down. You’ll find it a little heavy on the olibanum on the first spray but it improves over time as the lemon and bergamot come through. Expect good longevity and performance of around 5 hours on skin and more on clothes. We originally tested this one when it was released in 2021, but it’s changed so much over time, and now, the overwhelming lemon notes have been balanced out.

Top notes: Lemon, Bergamot and Aldehydes
Middles notes: Elemi and Pink Pepper
Base notes: Woody notes, Olibanum and Amber

Ombre leather parfum by tom ford
Ombre Leather Parfum by Tom Ford | Image: Tom Ford

10. Ombre Leather Parfum by Tom Ford

Price: from AU$310

Our pick of the bunch for formal occasions, this is like stepping into a vintage Porsche. In fact, it’s probably the best scent for driving one too. You’ll love the longevity, but also the cedar, leather, and woody notes that are as masculine as ever.Not the best option for wearing in an office or for younger gents, it’s intense and very formal in its smell. We also wouldn’t recommend this for those who prefer fun freshies.

Like stepping inside a new Bentley or Rolls-Royce, this is the best leather scent of all time in our eyes. It’s mature, so we wouldn’t recommend it to the younger guys in the audience, but there’s a floral, fresh, and green note that breaks through the cedar and violet to balance it out. It’s not great in terms of versatility and it begs to be worn on formal occasions, not the office. Longevity is substantial, to say the least. Expect up to 8 hours on the skin and a similar amount on clothes.

Top notes: Violet Leaf and Cedarwood
Middles notes: Jasmine Sambac and Orris
Base notes: Black leather, Woody notes and Tobacco

Why You Should Trust Our List

When it comes to our list of the best perfumes and colognes money can buy, it goes without saying, that expertise is key. While Man of Many has had the chance to test every fragrance on these lists (often thanks to our friends in the industry), they’ve also turned to the wider public for their overall ratings. Man of Many’s lists takes into account three major perspectives to determine the overall rating. In addition to their own opinions, they take into account reviews via the perfume forum Fragrantica and the Australian retailers Myer and Chemist Warehouse. They then collate the information together and measure the best colognes via overall scent profile, reader ratings and commercial availability.

Alternatives to These Perfumes and Colognes for Men

If you don’t like the sound of the scents we’ve listed above, check out more of our guides below. We’ve broken down our favourite colognes for men by season, type, and notes.

Our Favourite Colognes for Men by Season

  • Summer: Our guide to the best summer fragrances for men will help you find the perfect fragrance for those long hot summer days and nights. If you’re looking to spend more time by the ocean and the pool, you’ll want to put these colognes on your radar. These fragrances will match your lifestyle, boasting citrusy, fresh, and long-lasting notes that are ready to carry you from a pool party to a seafood restaurant for dinner.
  • Autumn and Fall: We might call it Autumn in Australia, but we’re catering for our overseas friends in our guide to the best fall fragrances for men. During this season your scents will transition from the sweet, fruity, citrusy scents of summer into spicier and woodier options that are perfect for fall. Our list abides by these rules, with plenty of eau de parfums that are heavy on the palette with bergamot, cedars, and juniper for balance.
  • Winter: While autumn and fall were transitional times for your signature scents, winter goes all the way with spicy, woody, musky, and warm colognes of bourbon, whisky, rum, and chocolate. Our list of the best winter fragrances for men looks deep into these scent trends with long-lasting options full of vetiver and tonka bean that are as seductive as they’re edgy.
  • Spring: Spring is the best time to change your scents and set yourself up for the year ahead. It’s a great time for fresh citrusy scents, although there’s also the opportunity for floral and spicy notes balanced by earthy hearts. Our list below has everything from Maison Francis Kurkdjian to the latest from Aesop, all of which promise to last an eternity and radiate masculinity.

Our Favourite Fragrances for Men by Type

  • Classic: Finding a great old-school classic cologne will remind you of mornings when, as a younger person, you stumbled through your father’s bathroom cabinet looking for something that made you smell mature and masculine. They say the classics never die, and never has that been more true than with these aromas that stay the course decade after decade. Our guide below has something for every budget, from Aramis to Creed and classic colognes like Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
  • Expensive: Investing in a high-quality fragrance for men can be a daunting task. The most expensive fragrances in the world can often be the best on the planet, but sometimes, they leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, our list of the best luxury fragrances below has been expertly curated by our cologne experts who’ve tested every product on the list for smell, longevity, and radiance. If you want to impress someone on your next date night, or you’re looking to gift the ultimate scent, check out our guide below.
  • Solid: Sometimes a spray just doesn’t cut it. Our list of the best solid colognes for men includes wax alternatives that are alcohol-free, portable, leak-proof, and longer lasting than spray cologne if used correctly. You’ll also notice that a number of the choices are wax variations of some of our favourite colognes for men, including Santal 33 by Le Labo. Rub a small amount into your finger, apply it to your pulse points, and get ready for people to ask you what you’re wearing.

Our Favourite Perfumes for Men by Note

  • Woody: These fragrances are often the most popular and masculine options for men. Our list of the best woody fragrances for men covers everything from the top budget options on the market to some of the most expensive and well-known names in the olfactory industry, e.g. Royal Oud by Creed. When it comes to choosing the best woody scent, it’s all about layers. Try it on your skin before you judge any of these because more often than not, the bourbon, whisky, and chocolate notes develop over time throughout the day.
  • Fresh and Citrus: When done correctly, the best fresh citrus colognes for men can imbue a sense of fashion and style. And while we’d refrain from calling these a prototypical ‘masculine fragrance’ they can transcend genres with fresh, sweet notes, balanced by bold and spicy undertones. Our list of the best fresh citrus colognes for men below delves deep into the clear-skied, hot, sunny summer days that these are designed for. If you’re looking for freshness, check out our list below.
  • Bold and Spicy: These colognes combine the best of the woody and aromatic notes that you’ve no doubt come to love after checking out our guide to the best perfumes for men below. Best worn during the colder months of the year, you’ll find that the majority of eau de parfum here utilise tonka beans, vetiver, and patchouli in creating their olfactory experiences. Think notes of bourbon, chocolate, and ginger, and you’ll find yourself on the right track.
How to apply cologne correctly on wrist
Finding a signature scent is like discovering your own personal trademark. | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

Cologne and Perfume Advice for Men

How to Find Your Signature Scent

Finding a signature scent is like discovering your own personal trademark. It’s a cologne that people recognise you for, appreciate, and lust over. One of the most important pieces to finding your own sense of style, is choosing and then wearing your signature scent can be transformative. They reveal a lot about you, and our guide below is designed to help you choose wisely by outlining the 5 steps to finding your own signature scent.

5 Steps for Finding Your Signature Scent

These are the steps you’ll want to follow when looking to find your signature scent.

  1. Start with familiar fragrances
  2. Where are you going to wear the perfume?
  3. Research the fragrances
  4. Test the fragrances in store
  5. Wear what you like

If you want to know more in detail, check out our in-depth article below.

How to apply cologne correctly on neck 2
Our guide to applying cologne correctly below outlines the simple steps | Image: Sam Mangioni / Man of Many

How to Apply Fragrances and Cologne

Once you’ve figured out how to choose your own signature scent, you’ll need to know how to apply it. Our guide to applying cologne correctly below outlines the simple steps for maximising the radiance, olfactory experience, and longevity of your scent during the day. Investing in the best perfumes for men is only one part of the equation because applying them incorrectly can make or break the smell.

5 Steps to Apply Cologne Correctly

Here’s a step-by-step guide on applying colognes correctly.

  1. Apply Cologne on Clean Skin
  2. Hold the Bottle 10cm Away
  3. Apply Cologne to Heated Areas of Your Body
  4. Spray the Cologne Once on Multiple Areas
  5. Re-Apply Throughout the Day if Needed
Atkinson james in hand
James by Atkinsons | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

Fragrance and Perfume Reviews

Look through the list of our latest perfume and fragrance reviews for men below.

Your FAQs Answered

What is the best cologne for men?

Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta, Sauvage by Dior, and Uomo by Valentino are some of the best colognes for men.

What is an affordable men’s cologne?

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Versace Pour Homme by Versace and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Cologne are some of the more affordable, luxury colognes for men on our list.

What is the best-smelling men’s cologne?

Pour Homme by Bottega Veneta and Armani Code by Giorgio Armani are some of the best-smelling colognes for men.

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