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Best spicy fragrances for men 2

8 Best Spicy Fragrances and Colognes for Men

The best spicy fragrances for men lead with warm ambers, woods, musks, and cocoa to create a perfect cold-weather scent. We typically reserve these colognes for autumn and winter, but you might find yourself wearing them in other seasons too because of their strong masculine accord. Choose between two main types of spice: fresh citrus or warm amber with cacao and you’ll find your next signature scent in no time. Can’t decide? Choose one of the following options from our curated list and you’ll be on the right track.

Best Spicy Colognes for Men at a Glance

Highlights from our list include the following options:

Now we’ve had a look at our favourites, let’s check out the complete list.

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Free dhomme by costume national
Free d’Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

1. Free d’Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL

Price: AU$209

  • Pros: Citrus spice, is affordable, and long-lasting, there’s plenty to love about Free d’Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL whether you’re a seasoned fragrance enthusiast or you want to add something new and unique to the collection.
  • Cons: Very strong projection so be careful and measured in your application. We recommend no more than 4 sprays.

Our favourite spicy fragrance overall, Free d’Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL is a long-lasting blend of citrus and amber that comes in at an affordable price point. With lime, lemon, and saffron on the top and incense on the base, this is a unique set of notes that can only work with a master perfumer like Julien Rasquinet at the helm. He’s created a handful of the best spicy fragrances on the planet that cost two or three times the price of this one – Amouage Orris Wakan, Creed Royal Oud, and Frederic Malle’s The Moon.

Performance is outstanding with longevity marked at more than 6 hours during our testing and projection is also very strong at more than 1 metre after 4 sprays on the neck and wrists. We’d be careful about over-spraying as it’s quite potent.

You could wear it every day (office included) but we’d probably reserve this spicy cologne for those cold days in winter when you’re layering with sweaters and overcoats. Paired with a t-shirt it can be overpowering even after it dries down and some of our team found the citrus top notes dominated by the spicy base.

Top notes: Lime and Lemon
Middle notes: Cypriol Oil or Nagarmotha and Saffron
Base notes: Incense and Labdanum

Bonne chauffe by frapin 1
Bonne Chauffe by Frapin | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

2. Bonne Chauffe by Frapin

Price: AU$349

  • Pros: Photorealistic bourbon, cognac, and whisky scent that will appeal to an older man. Still a great option for those under 40, but best suited for an evening event or formal occasion.
  • Cons: Can be too strong for some with an overpowering. boozy smell that lingers until the scent dries down and the plum note comes through.

We’ve shown you a lovely citrus-led spicy fragrance for men in Free d’Homme, but now we’re turning to the boozy bourbons and woods with Bonne Chauffe by Frapin. The notes of plum and oak stand out as the most prominent. This is a super photorealistic scent and if you shut your eyes you could think you’re inside a whiskey cask or cognac barrel. You get a faint whiff of pepper oil as it dries down, but the rich vetiver is ever-present and really brings the spice levels up. There’s even a touch of sweetness. Delicious and rich.

You hope for great performance when you’re talking about expensive spicy colognes for men like this. Thankfully, it delivers with more than 6 hours on the skin and more on clothes. Projection is top-tier and you’ll only require a few spritzs on the skin (2-3) before you’re radiating all things booze.

We’d recommend this one to the older gentleman in the room because of its ultra-masculine accord. It’s far too serious for someone below the age of 25. It’s also not something to wear around the office all day because it’s fairly potent. For the price and profile, this should be reserved for special occasions.

Top notes: Pepper Oil and Davana
Middle notes: Plum, Oak and Bran
Base notes: Benzoin, Vetiver, Patchouli and Cedarwood

Ecrin de fumee by serge lutens
Écrin de Fumée by Serge Lutens | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

3. Écrin de Fumée by Serge Lutens

Price: from $228 AUD

  • Pros: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Add in great longevity, sillage, and projection and you have a great all-around spicy fragrance for men that you could wear often.
  • Cons: Too unique and smoky to be worn in an office environment most of the time. While it smells great, it generally lacks wearability and should be reserved for special occasions.

This is the first Serge Lutens fragrance we’ve tried in a while after a few of their previous releases left us wanting more. What a return to form! Écrin de Fumée should be marked as a return to the high standard the brand set itself with scents like Fleurs d’Oranger, Nuit de Cellophane, and Un Bois Vanille. It’s in the running for the best chocolate scent we’ve tested and you’ll see why with the perfect layers of smoke, rum, and tobacco over the top. It’s less traditional than Bonne Chauffe, but it’s all the better for it.

You’ve likely never experienced cocoa notes like these before and they hang around with outstanding longevity of more than 8 hours on the skin and just as much on clothes. Projection follows suit and you get plenty with only a couple of sprays on the wrists and neck.

There’s no mistaking this scent for anything but serious and we’d only wear it for special occasions. It’s also not the type of fragrance that we’d recommend to a younger gent because of its serious masculine accord. It’s a great choice for enthusiasts and those who want something niche and different.

Notes: Cocoa, tobacco, rum

Leau dissey pour homme vetiver by issey miyake
L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Vetiver by Issey Miyake | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

4. L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Vetiver by Issey Miyake

Price: from $118 AUD

  • Pros: One of our favourites if you love a balance of spicy vetiver and ginger. It’s also vegan and mostly made from natural origins, including the vetiver itself.
  • Cons: Longevity suffers and we had to top up this scent every 2 hours to achieve anything more than a skin scent during out tests.

We’ve covered a few heavy-duty spicy colognes for men, but we’re changing things up here with something you’d happily wear every day during the colder months. L’Eau d’Issey pour Homme Vetiver opens strongly with vetiver (obviously), but also spicy ginger, and warm sage which doesn’t shine through until the scent dries down after 2-5 minutes. Interestingly, this fragrance is vegan and 93% of the ingredients are composed of natural origin. The vetiver finds its origin in Haiti where they were ethically grown and harvested by local farmers from 100% natural origin, according to the brand.

Sadly, the sourcing of natural ingredients hasn’t improved the performance and we struggled to get more than the 2 hours of longevity out of this one. It faded to a skin scent after just 1 hour and we had to top up regularly to test the scent throughout the day. Still, it’s fairly affordable at around $100 so it’s not going to break the bank and the smell is worth the price of admission.

While it’s not something that’s going to sit in pride of place in an enthusiast’s cabinet, we’d happily wear this one day-to-day in the colder months. It would also make a great gift for men aged 20-40 years old.

Top notes: Ginger
Middle notes
: Clary sage
Base notes
: Vetiver

Bad boy dazzling garden by carolina herrera 1
Bad Boy Dazzling Garden by Carolina Herrera | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

5. Bad Boy Dazzling Garden by Carolina Herrera

Price: AU$168

  • Pros: We loved the sage-heavy middle that’s balanced by pepper and bergamot for spice. Well rounded, great for everyday wear.
  • Cons: Longevity was not up to scratch for a fragrance at this price. In our testing we managed just 4 hours on the skin and a little more on clothes. Top-up sprays are required throughout the day.

Our photo doesn’t do this bottle justice because it’s beautiful, staying true to Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy line-up. Dazzling Garden serves as a sage-heavy alternative to the original ‘Bad Boy’ that we loved for its strong chocolate base. We also found more bergamot, pepper on the first spray, and tonka that comes through the base throughout the dry-down period. It’s not a huge improvement over the original, but it’s enough for a new buyer to consider both options when cross-shopping.

Performance is great, especially for the price point and while it fades to a skin scent after 2-4 hours, it has an outstanding projection that offers plenty throughout the first few hours. Top up before a special occasion with 2-3 sprays around the wrists and neck and you’ll be fine for any event.

We’d recommend this to any man between the ages of 20-50 that’s looking for a fruity spice in their cologne. It’s not musky, filled with vanilla, or powdery, but it offers a great balance of notes with a nice rich middle of clary sage filled with Tonka and cacao at the base. This is perfect for wearing every day, but remains suitable for more formal occasions.

Top notes: White Pepper and Grapefruit
Middle notes: Clary Sage and Vetiver
Base notes: Cacao and Tonka Bean

Althair by parfums de marly
Althaïr by Parfums de Marly | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

6. Althaïr by Parfums de Marly

Price: AU$498

  • Pros: Unique, niche, and luxurious, if you want to invest in a spicy expensive cologne this is it. The perfect balance of booze, vanilla, and musky wood.
  • Cons: We’re left asking for a little more longevity at this price point. Still, it’s great for wearing on special occasions where that matters less.

There’s a reason we’ve included Althaïr by Parfums de Marly in nearly every one of our fragrance lists, it’s a strong performer with a niche scent that captivates the mind and senses. Perfumers Hamid Merati-Kashani and Ilias Ermenidis have created a masterpiece of a bourbon and vanilla blend with elements of spice and musky wood as the fragrance dries down. Exceptionally rich and delicious, it’s suitable for morning to night and will happily transition from the boardroom to the whisky bar and nightclub.

Performance is good, but not amazing (especially at this price point). In our testing, we managed to get more than 4 hours on the skin and slightly more on clothes, but being a vanilla-based scent it’s a little soft and becomes a skin scent quicker than some of the spice bombs we’ve included in this list. Projection is very good and 4 sprays would be enough for most wearers.

We’d recommend this scent to men between the ages of 20-50, but it’s also a great unisex option so you’ll have to hide it from your significant other!

Top notes: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange Blossom and Bergamot
Middle notes: Bourbon Vanilla and Elemi
Base notes: Praline, Musk, Ambroxan and Guaiac Wood

Gentleman society extreme by givenchy
Gentleman Society Extreme by Givenchy | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

7. Gentleman Society Extreme by Givenchy

Price: AU$150

  • Pros: Well-priced, long-lasting, and with a nice musky spice that you can wear in the office, at home, and dinner parties and formal events. This is a great all-around option.
  • Cons: Not any better or worse than the ‘standard’ Gentleman Society so pick whichever is cheaper!

Fragrance enthusiasts might call this one out for being a bit of a ‘flanker’ (something that smells too similar to other options in the brand’s line-up) but we think it’s worth including for its delicious dry down. You can’t judge this scent after the first spray because you’ll be turned away by the overdone coffee and sandalwood accords. However, if you wait 5-10 minutes and let the fragrance settle it’s a nice intimate scent with clary sage, vetiver, and vanilla being the strongest notes.

Gentleman Society has always been known for its performance and longevity and this ‘Extreme’ edition turns things up again. We found more than 10 hours of good projection and even more on clothes… it lingers! Don’t spray too much (2-4 sprays max) or you’ll make those around you a little uncomfortable.

With the right application, we’d happily recommend this one as a daily fragrance for around the house, into the office, and after work at parties. Age-wise, it’s best suited for some over the age of 25 as vanilla scents can be a little hit-and-miss for younger gentlemen.

Top notes: Peppermint, Nutmeg and Clary Sage
Middle notes: Coffee, Orris Root, French Narcissus, Madagascar Vetiver, Haitian Vetiver and Vetiver
Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Australian Sandalwood and Himalayan Cedar

Bleu noir parfum by narciso rodriguez for him
Bleu Noir Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez for Him | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

8. Bleu Noir Parfum by Narciso Rodriguez

Price: AU$196

  • Pros: Soft warm spice comes through after drying down. Not too strong with great longevity, sillage, and overall projection.
  • Cons: There’s a very subtle spice to be had here, but it’s buried below the strong top notes of mandarin, musk, and suede. Far from a spice bomb if that’s what you’re looking for.

This is the least spicy cologne for men on our list, but we had to include it because it’s a perennial favourite across our fragrance round-ups. Musk and suede are the most powerful scents, but you’ll love the subtle warm spice that comes through as the scent dries down. It’s not amber spice, but it’s a combination of bergamot and cypress that balances out the creaminess to perfection. Other reviewers online say this is similar to Valentino Uomo Intense and we tend to agree, however, this is certainly a more ‘toned down’ variety that you’d be happy wearing every day.

Performance is great and our tests proved this one could last more than 6 hours on the skin and more on clothes. Sillage is great and with 6 sprays we found a perfect balance with good projection. You don’t have to worry about spraying too much which is a nice change from some of the other spicy fragrances we’ve listed.

If you’re unsure about the super spice bombs on our list, check out this scent. It’s a happy blind buy for us and perfectly suits men between the ages of 20-60.

Top notes: Cardamom, Cypress, Bergamot and Mandarin Orange
Middle notes: Musk and Suede
Base notes: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Leather, Vetiver and Atlas Cedar

Alternatives to These Spicy Fragrances for Men

The spicy fragrances for men that we’ve recommended have been chosen through extensive hands-on research with a minimum of one week of testing. However, it would be wrong for us to dismiss the great fragrances we’ve worn for shorter periods, including those that gave us a great first impression when tried on in-store and from the brands themselves in smaller ‘tester’ sizes. As such, when we’re able to test the following fragrances in-depth to judge their performance, we’ll more than likely move them up our list. Now, let’s take a quick look at some great alternatives.

  • Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (from AU$99): Since 1973, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme has been enchanting nostrils with its sweetly spicy aroma and musky, herbal accord. Notes of rosemary, sage and rosewood segue into a heart of tonka bean, lavender and geranium. At the base are notes of honey, musk and oakmoss. A spicy musk fit for all occasions.
  • Antaeus by Chanel (from AU$182): Named for a Greek demigod, Antaeus by Chanel comes on fresh and gains power as it dries down. At the top are spicy citrus notes of lemon, lime, coriander and sage. A strong herbal heart blends thyme, basil and rose to brilliant effect. A base of patchouli and leather becomes more pronounced as the fragrance develops.
  • Tom Ford Noir Extreme (from AU$250): Master of sultry seduction Tom Ford brings his “A” game to this bold, sweet and spicy stunner. Noir Extreme goes big right out of the gate, as top notes of mandarin oil and neroli blend with spicy nutmeg and saffron. At the heart is a wild desert flower fantasy drifting on an olfactory base of amber and creamy vanilla notes.
  • Dolce & Gabbana The One (from AU$80): It’s safe to say that fashion house Dolce & Gabbana knows a thing or two about crafting an extraordinary Eau De Toilette. Hence, when they dub something “The One” you best take notice as many (many, many) people have before you. This incredibly popular and highly acclaimed fragrance goes big on boldness by way of woody, masculine base notes like cedar and tobacco. Balancing those hotter, deeper elements are zesty bursts of bergamot, basil and ginger.

If you think there’s a fragrance we should test for a spot on this list, please get in touch via our contact form.

Best spicy colognes for men
These are some of the spicy fragrances for men that we’ve tested for this list | Image: Ben McKimm / Man of Many

Why You Should Trust Our List

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Spicy colognes will have notes of pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg.