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Fit, Fabric & Feel: Discover Orlebar Brown’s Superior Swim Shorts

In Partnership with Orlebar Brown

Winter is coming, but we refuse to let that keep us from chasing the feeling of warm sun, crystal-clear waters and white sand, and you should do the same! In fact, if the morning chill we’ve been enduring of late is anything to go by, the Australian winter is looking formidable this year, so what better way to stave off those cold-weather blues than by throwing the essentials in a bag and jetting off to some paradisiacal location boasting the kind of ​​sun, sand and sea every Aussie needs to maintain their sanity? Sounds like an ideal solution to us.

While there, you’re going to want to look your best, so the first thing you should toss into the aforementioned bag of essentials is one or two trusty pairs of swim shorts. But before doing so, there’s something to consider: are all swim shorts created equal? The answer is not by a long shot. Fortunately, sitting at the very top of the men’s swimwear hierarchy is the range of swim shorts from Orlebar Brown, a brand devoted to helping you look and feel your best on your next getaway.

Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown – Bulldog Roc Pool Mid-Length Swim Shorts

Tailored to You

Once you slip on a pair of tailored trunks from this British-founded brand, two things will likely spring to mind. The first is simply how you ever managed to get by without them, and the second is how a company founded 16 years ago in dreary old London has managed to so immaculately master the art of resort wear. In fairness, Orlebar Brown was conceived on holiday, while its products have also been developed and tested on holiday, which only makes sense if you’ve ever seen the sheer volume of Londoners soaking up the sun at Sydney’s Bondi Beach on any given day of the week.

What really sets Orlebar Brown’s swim shorts apart is that they’re based on the pattern of a tailored Savile Row trouser, combining 60 different pieces to create a perfect fit. These include a four-part shaped waistband, a pair of side-fasteners, a fly zipper, a metal popper securing the waistband and three pockets, one of which features a zip to store your phone, cards and keys.

Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown’s swim shorts feature vibrant colours, and classic geometrics designs | Image: Orlebar Brown

The Long & the Short

Designed to help any bloke elevate his holiday appearance, this range offers four different lengths across five styles. The longest is the Dane, featuring a zip fly, a metal popper and nickel-plated side fasteners; followed by the mid-length Bulldog and Standard, the former of which boasts the fly and side fasteners, while the latter offers up an elasticated waistband and tubular drawcord. Things get shorter still with the Setter cut, while the shortest look comes courtesy of the Springer (both of which sport the fly and side fasteners). Naturally, shorts aren’t suitable for everyone. That’s why Orlebar Brown also provides the Dachshund, a classic swim brief designed for maximum movement. Only for the brave!

Orlebar Brown Navy/Cloud Fenella Jacquard Mid-Length Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown Navy/Cloud Fenella Jacquard Mid-Length Swim Shorts | Image: Orlebar Brown

Each of these fits comes in a range of fabrics offering vibrant colours, classic geometrics designs and head-turning prints, including recent photographic collaborations featuring images of the iconic Bondi Icebergs and Noosa beach. Plus, the shorts do their part for the environment as well, having been made from 100 per cent recycled nylon, while any additional carbon generated during production is rebalanced through Blue Carbon projects, an initiative dedicated to the restoration of coastal ecosystems.

Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown Swim Shorts and Resort Wear | Image: Orlebar Brown

Holiday Incoming

As you can see, there’s far more to Orlebar Brown’s range of swim shorts than you’d expect and so confident is the brand in the quality of its offering that each pair of shorts is guaranteed for five years.

So if you’re planning on escaping winter’s icy grip – and we really think that you should – look no further than Orlebar Brown for your next pair of holiday swim shorts. But only if you’re interested in a high level of craftsmanship, a refined and flattering fit, and making environmentally responsible purchasing decisions.

To explore this incomparable range of swim shorts – not to mention the brand’s expansive resort wear offering, featuring luxe garments from linen to cashmere – visit Orlebar Brown via the link below. There’s no more stylish way to leave the winter chill behind.

Visit Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown Navy Mid-Length Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown Navy Mid-Length Swim Shorts | Image: Orlebar Brown