Porsche Design Borrows Materials from the Cars for Weekender Bag

Carbon fibre has become a very important component in automobiles, and as such, you don’t see it being used in other applications. Porsche Design, the product arm of the auto manufacturer, has taken that same lightweight carbon fibre to create an elegant weekender bag that can be used for everything from vacations to everyday use.

The bag won a Red Dot Design Award for its design. Made, of course, with carbon fibre, the bag also features black Nappa leather for the accents, giving the bag an even classier feel and look—not to mention the additional support. Access to the bag is gained through an oversized two-way zipper on the top. Inside you’ll find a zippered pocket for smaller items.

The black snaps are plated, and can be used to hold the exterior zipper in place while you’re travelling to your destination. The bag measures 8.6 inches by 19.68 inches by 12.6 inches.

You can pick up the bag for USD$1,850. That might sound like a pricy item, but consider that these are the same materials used to make your favourite Porsche. Not only will you be getting a branded bag, but also a piece of luggage made to the same high quality and reliability as the cars themselves.

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