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$700 Prada Dog Coat is a Fitting Accessory for a Pack Leader

Ever been in the predicament where you literally run out of Prada accessories to buy yourself? Same, but thankfully 2021’s favourite designer label is bringing the technical haute couture vibes to your fur babies with a range of Nylon dog raincoats and harnesses. Little Billy the bulldog won’t have to worry about the rain as he drips out one of the hardest jackets we’ve ever seen for pets. But, to have your dog dripping wet with style while remaining dry as a bone underneath, you’re going to have to be quick, these bad boys sell out fast.

Prada Nylon Dog Raincoat with Hood

Colours: White, black
Height: 42 cm
Length: 24 cm
Features: With elasticized trim, snap closure, enamelled metal triangle logo
Price: $690

Buy it here

The design is inspired by the same coats and jackets we find in the men’s and women collections. You’ll find this dog raincoat has a hood and elasticized trim which is perfect for the little guy’s noggin’. Materials are taken care of by nylon, which is an all too familiar style that’s been extremely popular throughout 2020-2021. The characteristic Prada fabric is decorated with the iconic enamelled metal triangle logo which first appeared on trunks designed by Mario Prada in 1913 and reinterpreted on the brands most unexpected garments and accessories.

Prada dog coat

Image: Prada

Whether you’re trying to have Suzy the Schnauzer match your Cleo shoulder bag or Danny the Dachsund flexing next to your Saffiano leather tote. You can choose from either black or white to make sure they’ll be the perfect monochrome contrast. And if that’s not enough, take a look at the harness strap which is a sophisticated accessory redesigned to meet the trendy technical allure.

All Prada Dog accessories are available now on the Prada website below. But be quick, these products tend to sell out very fast. After all, dogs ARE a mans best friend.

Buy it here

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