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Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend: Tiffany & Co. Release Men’s Engagement Rings

Move over wedding bands, hot-boy summer is in full effect as Tiffany & Co. has finally unveiled its range of men’s engagement rings for the first time in 184-years. We’re cheering for the men out there who want to match their wives Alcatraz-like rocks, as much as we are cheering for the gay community. It’s about time, but Tiffany & Co. is finally ushering in the “bold new era of love”. And with a range of sizes, carat weights, and materials to choose from the choice has never been easier to make, especially for those with deep enough pockets.

Tiffany & Co. Men’s Engagement Rings

Band: Platinum, Titanium
Diamond: Emerald-cut, brilliant round
Carat weight: 1.00-4.30
Release: May 2021 (expected)

Tiffany engagement rings for men on hand 2

Image: Tiffany & Co.

Rumoured to be available later this month at the flagship store in New York, the rings should see a global release shortly after. The collection arrives as men turn their attention to fine jewellery, marking a departure from the norm for the American jeweller who is well known for its women’s engagement rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

The design inspiration screams signet ring, a style that is very trendy amongst fashionable men at the moment. Bands are finished in either platinum, titanium, or black titanium and the finish is immaculate. But, what else would we expect from a brand that has been selling engagement rings since 1886, when the Tiffany Setting was first introduced.

In 1886, founder Charles Tiffany introduced the diamond engagement ring. Today, the Charles Tiffany Setting is the next chapter – marking a bold new era of love,” said the press release. And it’s about damn time if you ask us, same-sex marriage is recognised in around 30 countries, and while other independent jewellers have offered lines specifically aimed at LGBTQ couples for decades. It’s actions like this from powerhouse companies that really move the needle globally.

Every diamond from the collection will come with a certificate of authenticity for both craftsmanship and the diamond and region it originated, and where exactly it was cut, polished and graded (to Tiffany’s specification). No lab-grown stuff here. The pricing is yet to be set, but expect to slap the Amex down to the north of six figures.

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