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Weekends, Weddings, Work: Blundstone Has the Perfect Boot for You

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If there’s an article of clothing that’s more reliable than a solid pair of boots, we’re yet to find it. Not only do they provide comfort and durability, but good boots look equally at home in the boardroom as they do sidled up next to the bar (or anywhere in between for that matter). Plus, they make it that much easier to choose what kind of footwear to throw on in the morning. As anyone in the know will tell you, the real question isn’t “What kind of shoes should I wear today?” but rather “Which boots should I throw on?”

Blundstone #152: Heritage Boot – Black | Image: Blundstone
Blundstone #152: Heritage Boot – Black | Image: Blundstone

As you can already probably tell, we’re big fans of a classic pair of boots around the Man of Many office. And even more so when we’re wrapping our feet in a brand with decades of expertise, resulting in a thorough understanding of what the modern Aussie bloke is looking for. We are, of course, referring to Blundstone, the Tasmanian family-owned brand that has perfected the art of the boot over a timeline of more than 150 years. Whether you’re looking for a pair to wear to the football, your best mate’s wedding, or a weekend away hiking, Blundstone has you covered. Here are seven of our picks of this Aussie brand’s very finest – there’s one for each day of the week, so you might as well clear out the rest of your shoe closet right now to make some room.

Blundstone #500: Original Boot - Stout Brown
Blundstone #500: Original Boot – Stout Brown | Image: Blundstone

Monday: ‘Long Weekend, Gone Hiking’ Boot

There’s no pair of boots we’d rather take off the beaten path than these gems—Blundstone’s iconic #500 style. Combining water-resistant durability with an ergonomically engineered toe spring and in-heel XRD® Technology for reduced wearer fatigue and increased comfort, these will keep you warm and dry while maintaining the spring in your step, whether you’re clambering over boulders or crossing a slippery stream. Plus, as these are built to last—thanks to reinforced stitching at the heel and a durable TPU outsole—they’ll be with you for many hikes to come. Long weekend, come at us!

Buy #500: Original Boot – Stout Brown

Blundstone #152: Heritage Boot - Black
Blundstone #152: Heritage Boot – Black | Image: Blundstone

Tuesday: ‘Means Business’ Boot

Stride into the office in a pair of Blundstone’s #152 Heritage boots and immediately you’ll be recognised as a force to be reckoned with. Combining a sharp profile with extreme comfort—you can be on your feet all day as you move from team meetings to boardroom presentations—these offer Blundstone’s unparalleled craftsmanship built on a Goodyear welt, with an upper made of premium water-resistant leather. In addition to an inner layer of cork within the welt that softens with wear to create a personalised fit, they boast an inner bronze leather lining that’s tumbled for an extended period to ensure a more supple, comfy result. ‘Means business’ indeed.

Buy #152: Heritage Boot – Black

Blundstone #1931: Lace-Up Boot - Rustic Black
Blundstone #1931: Lace-Up Boot – Rustic Black | Image: Blundstone

Wednesday: ‘Running Errands’ Boot

For something a little different, Blundstone’s #1931 lace-up boots deliver a slightly more relaxed look that’s perfect for running around to take care of a little life admin. Not only that, they’re a timeless style, having been around since the 1800s! With a rustic black leather upper and durable outsole, along with the same ergonomically engineered toe spring and heel-based XRD® Technology as the #500 boot, they ensure maximum comfort all day long. A perfect combination of comfort and style.

Buy #1931: Lace-Up Boot – Rustic Black

Blundstone #1609: Classic Boot - Antique Brown | Image: Blundstone
Blundstone #1609: Classic Boot – Antique Brown | Image: Blundstone

Thursday: ‘Footy’s Back’ Boot

Heading along to a game is often the highlight of our week, but a good pair of boots is a must as our toes are often first to feel the chill on those winter nights. Blundstone’s timeless #1609 style are the perfect solution. Not only will they keep you warm, but they’ll do so in style as their upper’s antique brown leather finish is guaranteed to only get better with age. As expected, these shoes promise on the comfort front too. This is attributed to a removable comfort footbed, Blundstone’s characteristic toe spring, and the integration of the fatigue-reducing XRD® Technology.

Buy #1609: Classic Boot – Antique Brown

#1306: Dress Boot - Rustic Brown
Blundstone #1306: Dress Boot – Rustic Brown | Image: Blundstone

Friday: ‘It’s Date Night’ Boot

Offering a look that’s refined without losing its rustic edge, Blundstone’s #1306 is perfect for a night out, whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth. Pair them with a suit or jeans as you transition from week to weekend and you won’t put a foot wrong. As always, they carry on Blundstone’s knack for maximum comfort and are designed to improve with age, as they’ll mould themselves to your feet and develop their own signature look over years of standing up to whatever you care to throw at them.

Buy #1306: Dress Boot – Rustic Brown

#1900: Ankle Boot - Chestnut Brown
Blundstone #1900: Ankle Boot – Chestnut Brown | Image: Blundstone

Saturday: ‘I’m in the Groom’s Party’ Boot

Weddings can be a great time, but not if you’re suffering from sore feet, and as a member of the groom’s party it’s your absolute responsibility to set an example on the dancefloor. Blundstone’s #1900 immaculate ankle boots with their lean profile and chisel toe will have you looking sharp while providing the comfort needed to ensure your feet are dancefloor-ready. This will remain the case even after the (probably overlong) ceremony and superfluous speeches from every uncle, cousin, and postman the happy couple have ever encountered.

Buy #1900: Ankle Boot – Chestnut Brown

Blundstone #1615: Original Boot - Dark Olive Suede
Blundstone #1615: Chelsea Boot – Dark Olive Suede | Image: Blundstone

Sunday: ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ Boot

The same boot as the aforementioned #500, but this time But this time in a textured waxed suede finish—we introduce the #1615. And what a delightfully dark shade of olive it is too. Everything we said about the #500 in terms of comfort and quality obviously applies here too, but it goes to show how versatile these boots are that they’re just as perfect for ducking down to the corner cafe for that Sunday morning caffeine pick-me-up as they are for standing up to the elements on a weekend hiking trip. You can’t beat that.

Buy #1615: Original Boot – Dark Olive Waxed Suede

Blundstone #1306: Dress Boot - Rustic Brown | Image: Blundstone
Blundstone #1306: Dress Boot – Rustic Brown | Image: Blundstone

So there you have it, seven boots for seven different occasions, and any one of them would make an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. But what’s truly remarkable—and here’s the twist—is that any one of these boots could easily fill in for any other. Whether you’re heading to work, dressing for a night out, planning a wedding outfit, or prepping for a weekend out of the city, any one of these boots will be more than up to the task. So while seven different pairs of Blundstones will always be a welcome proposition, you really only need one – to start with at least at. After all, black leather’s pretty essential, and then those dark olive suede numbers have really caught our eye.

Whichever boot best suits your personal style, you can’t go wrong with an Australian brand that’s been producing world-class boots for over 150 years. Discover the full Blundstone range via the link below.

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