You Be U – The Uniqlo U Collection

If you’re not already familiar with Uniqlo, you will be soon. The Japan-based fashion brand has been steadily expanding in recent years and now has stores all over the world. That momentum is only gaining in strength as every new collection garners more and more fans unable to resist Uniqlo’s stellar fusion of cutting edge fabrics, functional designs and reasonable prices.

you be u uniqlo u different collections

Uniqlo’s latest is the U Collection, another triumph that experiments with new, advanced materials while nevertheless completely retaining the brand’s accessible and dynamic appeal. Created by artistic director Christophe Lemaire out of Paris, the U Collection is being hailed as providing “progressive essentials”. Every piece thereby celebrates the best of both life and style, and is functional enough to be worn virtually anywhere but never short on visual flair. Here are a few favourites.

cotton parka in olive

Cotton Parka in Olive

Going back to the basics has never looked as so fresh and so clean as it does here. The beautifully minimalistic U Collection Cotton Parka touts a crisp olive colour, a relaxed cut, a large hood and plenty of pocket room. Taking it to the next tier of functionality is the use of high-density cotton poplin, a cutting edge material that repels water and achieves an unparalleled lightness of being.

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short sleeve indigo tshirt in blue64

Short Sleeve Indigo T-Shirt in Blue64

The U Collection is frequently about simplicity redefined by way of fresh, monochromatic colour, and the Indigo T-Shirt is no exception. This practical, versatile slice of apparel is supremely comfortable thanks to the use of stretchy fabric and a relaxed fit, and it exudes approachability with a pure, inviting indigo shade. Layer it up or wear it solo–either way you’re looking sharp and ready to engage.

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denim long sleeve shirt in blue62

Denim Long Sleeve Shirt in Blue62

Let’s keep those crisp, clean, practical vibes going with the Denim Long Sleeve. It’s a no-frills button-down garment that emanates with softness, lightness and breathability. With a colour scheme reminiscent of a cloudless afternoon sky, this is the kind of clothing that can brighten a room–wear it and watch the smiles spread contagiously.

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broadcloth printed short sleeve shirt in black

Broadcloth Printed Short Sleeve Shirt in Black

Since diversity is never a bad thing, U Collection takes a stylish step to the side with the remarkable and unmistakable Broadcloth Printed Short Sleeve Shirt. Made of 100% cotton, the shirt flaunts a roomy silhouette and eye-catching print designed by none other than legendary Vancouver-based artist Nicolas Sassoon.

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supima cotton crew neck sweater in navy

Supima Cotton Crew Neck Sweater in Navy

Here’s another cosy stunner unafraid to mix things up in the colour department. The Supima Cotton Crew Neck Sweater promises to keep you fashionably (and functionally) warm all hours of the day and night. Separating it from the herd is a distinct geometric pattern, while the use of a Supima and regular cotton blend delivers only the highest level of softness and comfort. Rounding out the sweater’s relaxed vibe is a drooped shoulder line.

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canvas hi cut sneakers in white

Canvas Hi-Cut Sneakers in White

Wrap some of Uniqlo’s crisp love around those neglected feet of yours with these simply awesome kicks. The outer is 100% canvas while the inner consists of cotton and polyester. Pair that with water-resistant vulcanised rubber and you have a truly fresh sneaker that represents the peak of form and function.

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uniqlo cap in black

Uniqlo Cap in Black

The new hat from Uniqlo is comfortable, dynamic, simple and effortlessly sharp. The hat gives off a somewhat rugged aura, which when combined with its square shape only heightens its distinct and stylish appeal. The light use of stretch fabrics virtually guarantee a perfect fit.

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dry sweat pants in olive

Dry Sweat Pants in Olive

Uniqlo duly delivers casual comfort with these dry and stretch sweat pants. The use of advanced fabrics wick the moisture and sweat away while an elasticised waist guarantees comfort. The best part is that thanks to a brilliant colour and tapered cut, the U Collection sweat pants exceed mere functionality to fulfil their potential as fashion statements, meaning you can wear them outside and keep your dignity.

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