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Winter 24' campaign feature image

How Peter Jackson Has Added Japanese Precision to Winter 24 Campaign

Peter Jackson has added a touch of quiet luxury to its Winter 24 campaign, leaning on highly regarded Japanese and European textile mills to blend revered European design with Japanese precision. There’s a clear focus on lifestyle-oriented fashion here with textures that breed forward-thinking designs, ultimately achieving the perfect fit for the workplace or weekend.

We love these soft-tailored designs, deconstructed suits, and double-breasted ensembles in forest greens, tans, and khakis. Of course, you still have a few staple designs in shades of grey, blue, and brown. To better understand the collection, we spoke with Peter Jackson’s Design Manager, Anna Short.

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MOM: Did you collaborate with Japanese artisans or designers to source these fabrics? If so, what was that experience like, and how did it influence the final designs?

Anna: Yes, we collaborated closely with Japanese artisans and designers to source the wool flannels for the Winter 24 collection. Partnering with two renowned Japanese mills, Yagi and Takisada, was a significant aspect of this collaboration. The artisans at these mills have honed their skills over decades. Their deep understanding of wool fabrics and commitment to quality ensured that we sourced the finest materials for our collection. It allowed us to source the highest quality wool flannels while also fostering creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange.

We also worked with Italian mills that gave us access to a wide range of premium materials, including worsted wool and wool/silk/linen blends. Our Partner mill, Marzotto, is known for sourcing the highest-quality fibres and employing advanced weaving and finishing techniques to create fabrics that are luxurious, durable, and visually stunning.

Winter 24' campaign infront of taxi
Peter Jackson Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson

MOM: Japanese textiles are renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. Can you elaborate on the specific fabrics you’ve chosen? Are there any traditional techniques or unique features that make them stand out?

Anna: Wool flannels from our Japanese Mills offer excellent insulation, making them ideal for winter wear. The dense weave of the fabric traps air and provides natural warmth without being overly bulky or heavy. This makes wool flannels comfortable to wear in cold weather conditions while still allowing for breathability.

Japanese wool flannels typically have a subtle texture like a Twill effect, that adds visual interest to garments without being too bold or overpowering.

We also used Italian Milled Wool for our suiting which is prized for its fine texture, smooth finish, and exceptional durability. For our sportscoats, we chose Italian wool, silk, and linen blends. These blends combine the warmth and softness of wool with the lustrous sheen of silk and the lightweight, breathable properties of linen. The pieces are incredibly comfortable to wear, with a beautiful drape and subtle sheen that adds a touch of sophistication.

Winter 24' campaign 2
Peter Jackson Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson

MOM: Sustainability is a growing concern in the fashion industry. How do these Japanese fabrics align with Peter Jackson’s commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices?

Anna: The use of Japanese fabrics in our Winter 24 collection aligns with Peter Jackson’s commitment to sustainability by prioritising natural fibres, traditional techniques, local sourcing – Australian Merino, durability, and transparency. By making thoughtful choices at every stage of the design and production process, we strive to minimise our environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Our longstanding partnership with Italian mill Marzotto is known for its commitment to quality over quantity, producing fabrics that are meticulously crafted and built to last. By investing in high-quality materials, we create garments that are durable, long-lasting, and less likely to end up in landfills. This focus on quality over quantity aligns with our philosophy of sustainable fashion, which emphasises buying fewer, but better-made garments.

Peter jackson winter 24 back of taxi
Peter Jackson Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson

MOM: Winter clothing needs to be both stylish and functional. How have you ensured these fabrics perform well in cold weather while maintaining elegance?

Anna: By selecting winter-weight and mid-weight wools and incorporating half lining for trans-seasonal wear, we’ve ensured that our garments from both our Winter 24 collection and our Kaizen capsule collection are stylish and functional, offering warmth, comfort, and elegance in equal measure.

Furthermore, we focus on our Winter 24 outerwear collection that offers a diverse and elevated range of outerwear pieces combining style, sophistication, and functionality to meet the needs of customers throughout Australia and further afield.

Peter jackson winter 24 side on
Peter Jackson Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson

Here’s a closer look at the key outerwear pieces in the collection:

  • Waxed Cotton Jackets with Corduroy Trim: These jackets are crafted from durable waxed cotton fabric, offering water resistance and protection from the elements. The addition of corduroy trim adds a touch of texture and refinement to the design, elevating the classic waxed jacket silhouette.
  • Elevated Cotton Moleskin Jackets: Made from luxurious cotton moleskin fabric, these jackets offer exceptional warmth and comfort. The soft, brushed surface of the fabric provides insulation against the cold, while the semi-tailored silhouette ensures a polished and sophisticated look.
  • Soft Suede Trucker Jackets in Three Colours: These trucker jackets are crafted from soft suede leather, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the collection. Available in three colours, they offer both style and versatility, perfect for layering over casual or formal attire.
  • New Overcoat Designs in Single-Breasted and Double-Breasted Styles: Our Winter 24 collection introduces new overcoat designs in both single-breasted and double-breasted styles. Made from premium wool and wool/cashmere blends, these overcoats offer superior warmth and sophistication. The sleek, tailored silhouettes and refined details, including a wider Ulster collar and flap patch pockets with side hand warmers, ensure a timeless and elegant look.
  • Raincoat Styles Using Italian Technical Raincoating Fabric: These raincoats are crafted from Italian technical raincoating fabric, offering water and wind resistance without compromising on style. The sleek and modern designs feature clean lines and minimalist detailing, making them ideal for both urban and outdoor settings.
Winter 24' campaign double breasted suit
Peter Jackson Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson
Peter jackson casual wear
Peter Jackson Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson
Peter jackson winter 24
Peter Jackson Archer double-breasted peacoat (Left) from Winter 24′ Campaign | Image: Peter Jackson

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