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A blue dial Longines watch on its side

4 Longines Timepieces to Start Your Watch Collection

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Why Longines has your next watch

Longines is one of the oldest and most renowned watchmakers in the world. Founded in Saint-Imier in Switzerland in 1832, Longines is steeped in history, tradition and heritage—in fact, the master watchmakers still reside there to this day.

As esteemed as Longines is, the brand takes great pride in designing affordable timepieces, ensuring that world-class horology isn’t just for the 1%. And whilst true quality can be harder to find at a more approachable price point, Longines has worked diligently over many decades to bring the world a wide range of premium timepieces that won’t break the bank.

Long heralded as one of the world’s finest watchmakers, the brand is now a definitive favourite amongst those looking to purchase their first luxury watch. Not only visually sophisticated, a Longines watch radiates technical excellence, sophistication and charisma. Each timepiece is a homage to the brand’s rich heritage and embodies an aspect of the brand’s rich history.

With all of this in mind, it’s only natural to think of Longines when considering your first luxury watch. Call it a treat, a present or a reward after another long year on the grind, the wonderful duality of Longines is that quality does not mean unattainability.

We’ve put together our 4 favourite Longines timepieces, focusing on why they each would make the perfect first (real) timepiece.

1. Longines Master Collection Moonphase

An elegant and restrained affair, the Master Collection Moonphase is an exceptional example of Longines walking the fine-line. The Master Collection Moonphase is a stunning timepiece; blending sophistication, elegance and brand heritage available in both a 40mm and 42mm size. The romanticism of a typical moonphase complication is all but on show with the Master Collection Moonphase, accentuated with that striking dials available in three colours: sunray blue; silver “barleycorn”; and black “barleycorn”, which are each complemented by silvered polished hands.

As decisive as the Master Collection Moonphase is, it does have a certain degree of drama about it. From the glistening blue dial to the subtle moonphase, all encased in polished steel, and a transparent sapphire crystal caseback, the Master Collection Moonphase is both poised and utterly free. It’s rare to have such elegance at such an affordable price point. – AU$3,325

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2. Longines Heritage Classic

A fitting tribute to the rich history of Longines, the Heritage Classic is the quintessence of classicism in watchmaking. With its sector designed dial, the Heritage Classic is a standout piece from Longines—the marriage between tradition and modernity is a laurel that we feel Longines should be proud of.

There is a beautiful opera of colours here, too. The contrast between the dial and blued steel hands is phenomenal. Coupled with the pronounced crown, slender lugs, and eternally durable stainless steel,  you have a watch that is exceedingly appealing to look at.

The Heritage Classic blends the two eras of watchmaking into one absolutely outstanding timepiece whose pioneering spirit and adventurous history is all but apparent throughout. As a result, it’s all but guaranteed to capture attention on a daily basis. – AU$2,900

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3. Longines Présence

In a similar vein as the Master Collection Moonphase, the Longines Présence is a classical, romantic and nostalgic affair. From the thin case, undersized crown and the wire lugs, the Présence has an aura of sensibility, sophistication and reservedness.

The look of the Présence is a timeless nod to the classicism of watches from a bygone era. As virtuous as the Présence looks, it has a lot of charisma thanks to a playful red PVD coating over the steel case, which contrasts delightfully against the matte white dial and the bold Roman hour numerals.

In the making of this piece, Longines has exercised just the right amount of restraint and expertise; the keyword here being ‘balance’ as none of the alluring visual features overpower the delicate accenting of the thin hands and undersized seconds dial.

This is a watch that knows what it is and would suit anyone who can say the same about themselves. An exercise in tradition and understated elegance, the Présence holds true as a prized Longines possession whose simplicity is matched only by its innate sense of self. – AU$2,025

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4. Longines HydroConquest

A staple of Longines for generations, the illustrious HydroConquest is, in its own right, a legend. Combining technical excellence, innovation and the quintessential elegance of a Longines timepiece, the HydroConquest is a true dive watch.

The marriage between the HydroConquest’s durable 300m water-resistant steel and ceramic case and its casual look is a fine balancing act that Longines has executed, to a ‘T’.

Tried and true, the HydroConquest has been tested rigorously throughout its life, resulting in a durable timepiece that still maintains its sleek elegance. Featuring a water-resistant up to 30bar, the Longines HydroConquest Priced exceedingly well considering the sheer amount of quality you’re getting—especially when you consider the screw-in crown and unidirectional rotating bezel.

The HydroConquest is a clear image of originality and value for money, all the while embodying the beautiful history and heritage of Longines. – AU$2,175

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