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Celebrity Trainer Jono Castano Put Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold to the Ultimate Test

In Partnership with Hublot

When a partnership is formed to create something even greater, well, that’s when the magic happens, and it’s clear Hublot knows the power of this, as it runs through everything the master watchmaker does. Whether partnering with the likes of star fitness educator Jono Castano or combining unique elements within an innovative timepiece, this idea lies at Hublot’s very core. What’s more, the stunning new Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold is a perfect demonstration of this, partnering two of the signature offerings that have made the brand so revered—the Big Bang Unico and its own magic gold alloy—for the first time. And with the watch limited to just 200 pieces worldwide, it sets a new bar for Hublot’s unique blend of sport and luxury. 

Celebrity trainer and ACERO owner Jono Castano wearing the latest Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold | Image: Man of Many
Celebrity trainer and ACERO owner Jono Castano wearing the latest Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold | Image: Man of Many

This combination has been Hublot’s calling card ever since 1980, when its founder, Carlo Crocco, first dared to pair a rubber strap with a gold watch in order to create the world’s first luxury sports timepiece. This was unheard of at the time, but 43 years later Hublot has not only become the largest luxury sports watch brand in the world, it’s also operating at the top of its game. 

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One look at the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold and any doubts as to the truth of this are cast aside. First of all, the 18-karat gold used in its construction is a miracle material; a patented, unalterable, and scratch-proof fusion of 24-karat gold and Hublot’s most high-tech ceramic. Prior to this innovation, gold that would be immune to scratches was not considered a possibility. Now, deploying it on a Big Bang Unico for the first time has seen Hublot create an incredible sports timepiece that will endure, no matter what you throw its way. 

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Second, at the heart of the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold lies the remarkable Unico 2 (HUB 1280), an in-house automatic chronograph movement that Hublot designed—as always—to be first, different, and unique. The movement is crafted with what the maison describes as an “open heart”, which reveals its completely reimagined design, boasting a double coupling system and column-wheel from the dial side, along with a 72-hour power reserve. Despite being constructed from 354 components, Hublot also simplified the design as much as possible in order to optimise its reliability.

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Finally, the iconic pairing of the practical rubber strap with the uber-premium casing and movement completes the picture in a way only Hublot can. It makes the watch an incredibly versatile timepiece that you can pair with everything from your gym gear to the sharpest of suits—just ask Jono Castano—and it will turn heads everywhere you go. 

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Embodying Hublot’s founding concept “The Art of Fusion” like no other timepiece, the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold is a remarkable achievement. Like Jono Castano at the gym, Hublot can’t help but to fire on all cylinders, and for that reason we couldn’t be more excited to see what the maison has in store for 2024 and beyond.