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Meet the Watch Made From an Aston Martin DB5 Bonnet

Belgium-based watchmaker Atelier turned the automotive world for inspiration on their latest project, the Jaleper. And what served as the vision behind this project? None other than one of the most famous cars in cinematic and espionage history—the Aston Martin DB5.

Atelier jalaper front

Image: Atelier

Atelier launched a kickstarter for the watch back in 2019, and has launched since then four models in two families. Each of the watches has featured a similar dial, which makes sense as the watchmaker took their inspiration from the dashboard and body panel of the DB5. In fact, each model of the watch features a section cut out of the bonnet of an Aston Mart DB5.

That was no easy feat, as the DB5 was only produced between 1963 and 1965, with only about 1,000 examples being made. And with its rise to stardom in Goldfinger and Skyfall, the DB5 is a treasured addition to collections—not one to be given up lightly. “Acquiring the parts was a long and difficult process as we wanted an original piece produced between 1961 and 1963,” said the kickstarter. Somehow, Atelier was able to procure everything they needed to make the watches, and they provide certificates from Aston Martin to prove the authenticity.

Atelier jalaper closer look

Image: Atelier

The dial features a roughly brushed texture with openings at the top and bottom that reveal a grid pattern beneath the dial. The design is meant to evoke the front grill of the DB5. The numerals closely resemble the Smith’s dashboard-mounted gauges in the DB5. Inside the watch is an automatic movement—the 8285 provides day and date complications (the 821A is used for the watch that only has date complications).

The time and date model, the AJ001 (which comes in steel or black PVD), is priced at about $950, whole the day and date version, the AJ002, comes in at around $1,275. If you’re looking for a piece of horological and automotive history, the Atelier Jalaper is what you want.

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Atelier jalaper back detail

Image: Atelier

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