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Ryan Papenhuyzen: ‘Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport Will Hold You Accountable’

In Partnership with Tissot

An ambitious blend of athletic expertise and all the style of precision Swiss watchmaking, Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport is an innovative timepiece that will prove an invaluable asset when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or—like the Melbourne Storm’s Ryan Papenhuyzen—you’re a premiership-winning powerhouse about to make his explosive return to football, this watch is a perfect daily driver that will help to elevate your performance and get you where you want to be.

Ryan Papenhuyzen wearing the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport with Orange Band | Image: Man of Many

“It’s one of those watches that you can wear anywhere,” Papenhuyzen tells us. “Of course, it’s a really nice-looking piece, but it has fitness features like your heart rate, steps, and calories burned. So you can either use it as a traditional watch or you can use it because it’s got all those features.”

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Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport’s Notification Feature | Image: Man of Many

Craftsmanship Meets Connectivity

Quite simply, the T-Touch Connect Sport is ideal for those who value the incredible skill of Swiss watchmakers and simultaneously want a device that will track the progress of their physical journey. It’s a seamless fusion of both worlds that’s precision-tuned to capture every beat of your heart, every stride you take, and every lap you complete.

Tissot’s unquestionable horological pedigree is evident in the refined ceramic bezel and titanium case, offering a durability that can withstand all the bumps and scrapes along your fitness adventure, while preserving the elegance of the noble materials used in its construction. All of this is then paired with a vibrant AMOLED display that offers unparalleled clarity and makes staying on track throughout your fitness odyssey an absolute breeze thanks to its real-time notifications. 

Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport’s Heart Rate Feature | Image: Man of Many

“It feels like it can hold you accountable,” Papenhuyzen explains. “If you’ve missed your workout for the day, all you have to do is look down at your watch and see that you haven’t burned enough calories, and that is enough to get you into it. There are features that are suited to the hard-out fitness junkie, but at its core, it’s a really nice piece, especially if you’re after simple measurements like your steps, calories burned and heart rate, as well.”

Ryan Papenhuyzen wearing the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport with Blue Band | Image: Man of Many

Innovation and Inspiration

Whether you’re using it while running, cycling, hiking, or working hard at the gym, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport is always ready. Drawing energy from the sun through its dial—thanks to high-performance photovoltaic cells—it turns that light into long-lasting battery power, ensuring you stay connected no matter where your next workout takes you.

In fact, you can go months without recharging your T-Touch Connect Sport, as the accumulator storing the watch’s energy allows for unparalleled battery performance. What’s more, the sun’s power is also captured by the watch’s Super-LumiNova markers, ensuring visibility in even the dimmest of lighting conditions. 

Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport’s Date and Steps Feature | Image: Man of Many

The T-Touch Connect Sport’s elevation of the sports and connected watch categories speaks to Tissot’s legacy of supreme craftsmanship and innovation. As Papenhuyzen explains: “Tissot is such a prestigious brand and company. I’ve always worn their products, so to actually be able to do some shoots with them is quite a full-circle moment.”

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport is available online and in selected stores now from AUD$1,610. Discover the full range via the link below.

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Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport’s World Clock Feature | Image: Man of Many
Ryan Papenhuyzen wearing the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport with Orange Band | Image: Man of Many
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Ryan Papenhuyzen wearing the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport with Titanium Band | Image: Man of Many