Seiko Changes Up Three Watches for the Prospex Black Series

A watch is an essential part of your wardrobe, but sometimes your favourite watch just doesn’t come with the look you want for the outfit you’re planning on wearing. That’s where Seiko can be your best friend. The watchmaker has been offering different iterations of their watches by changing up the colourways and adding slight variations, making it easier to pick out just the right one to meet your needs. Their newest offering dubbed the “Prospex Black Series,” is a collection of three black-on-black divers that takes its inspiration from night diving.

seiko Prospex

The series takes two Seiko divers and reimagines them, then creates a third watch that is completely unique. All three are rendered in black, hence the “Black Series” name. The first is Ref SLA035, which is an update of the Ref. SLA021. It’s based on a monocoque stainless steel case that has been finished in Zaratsu polishing with Seiko’s black hard coating. The watch has a depth rating of 300m, which it proudly displays on the black dial. The SLA035 is limited to 600 examples. The next watch is named “Sumo,” and for good reason. The 45mm wide, 12.9mm thick watch has a black case with a grey/black timing bezel. The black dial is accented by Seiko’s proprietary luminous paint. For the inner workings, Seiko went with a 6R35 movement that has 70 hours of power reserve. There will be 7,000 units of this watch made. The final watch takes the Sumo template and turns it into a solar diving chronograph. A V192 calibre solar-powered chronograph movement is used here, and it comes with a 24-hour indicator, a date display, and a 60-minute chronograph. Seiko will be offering 3,500 of these timepieces. The watches start to come available in February and March of 2020. If you’re looking for a blacked-out timepiece to add to your repertoire, then you’ve found it in the Prospex Black Series.

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Prospex watch evening mode

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