The Last Ever James Bond Rolex Submariner is up for Action

The final Rolex James Bond wore in a movie is up for auction, and it’s expected to bring in over 90,000 pounds. The watch appeared in 1989’s License to Kill, and was worn by Timothy Dalton’s stunt double. Additionally, License to Kill was Dalton’s last appearance as Bond before turning the role over to Pierce Brosnan. The Rolex is featured prominently in the car chase where the erstwhile MI6 agent drives a tanker truck in Mexico. Making the watch even more special, you can see the scratches on the crystal and on the band—proving that this isn’t just some mere prop, but actually saw action in the course of filming. In truth, the watch wasn’t even meant to be a prop for the film, but was instead the personal watch of Rodney Pincott, who served as the propman for the film. The listing reports that the watch was indeed damaged during filming, but was sent to Rolex for repair.

rolex james bond for auction

The watch comes with all the paperwork from Rolex. The winning bid will also receive photos of the cast and crew as well as a book that chronicles the making of the movie, a soundtrack album, and a certificate of authenticity from EON Productions.

james bond rolex back stainless steel

The watch itself is a Rolex Submariner, reference 5513 with a matching Oyster bracelet.

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