WIN the Iconic Nokia Matrix Banana Phone (That Comes Pre-Loaded with Snake)

What is yellow, comes with Snake and has 25 days of standby battery life? Well, the iconic Matrix Banana phone, aka the Nokia 8110 4G, of course, and, we’re giving one away. Along with all the nostalgia, the Nokia 8110 has some pretty impressive features including a Qualcomm 205 mobile platform, the capability to sync contacts and calendar notes with Outlook and Gmail, a phenomenal battery life with up to 25 days standby time and it comes pre-loaded with Google apps and a revamped Snake game.

For a more in-depth look at the Nokia 8110 4G, check out our article here. Don’t know about you, but the Snake game alone would be reason enough for me to enter. If you want the chance to WIN this beautifully curved, perfect phone-to-face fit Nokia, simply ENTER via the form below. 

WIN the Iconic Nokia Matrix Banana Phone

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