Exploring Samsung’s New SUHD TV Lineup

It’s official, folks: Samsung has taken Australia to the next frontier of home entertainment with their recently launched SUHD TV line-up. These products came as the result of extensive research into customer lifestyle trends and how we Australians prefer to watch TV. It turns out we really value open space and enjoy our TV viewing with as little clutter as possible. The mad scientists at Samsung used that information to up their game in virtually every department. You can expect superior picture quality, supremely modern design, an ability to stream programs with ease, and the first ultra HD Blu-ray player to hit our fair continent. Samsung is delivering the kind of products that will spoil you to the point where once you use them there’s no going back to whatever archaic television it is you’ve been putting up thus far.

samsung suhd tv display show peacock

We’re not simply throwing catch words at you here. Samsung went and got full blown nerdy behind the scenes before creating these new products. For instance, in order to explore and provide the full spectrum of color the company used something called Quantum dot technology. And yes, we definitely had to look up the term before writing about it and yes, the method is as sophisticated as it sounds. In contrast to LED technology, which traditionally coats blue LEDs with yellow phosphor, Quantum dot technology utilizes tiny particles (or dots) that emit their own color when coming in to contact with blue LED. The dots vary in size–though all are exceptionally miniscule–and the different sizes produce different colors. When the dots converge with 10-bit panels the result is 64 times more color variations than normal television. That amounts to about 1 billion–yes, billion–shades of color jumping out at you from the TV screen.


To further ensure only the best in picture quality, Samsung’s SUHD TVs also employ HDR 1000, aka high dynamic range. HDR works by accurately capturing colors and pictures in the background that often get compromised due to contrasts in lighting. Normally, when conflicting light sources merge in one setting, certain aspects of the frame get blurry or out of focus in order to compensate for the differences between light and dark. Through HDR 1000, Samsung is taking the same approach as Hollywood does for its biggest films, making the lights lighter and the darks darker and enhancing the contrast as opposed to merging it. The result is unparalleled picture quality where all the images on screen are presented in crystal clear focus. To take things yet another step further, the SUHD TVs use a technology called Ultra Black, which absorbs light and virtually eliminates glare. What all this means is a sharper picture image no matter where the viewer is standing at any time of day or night. That’s right, you can be doing handstands in the corner of your apartment with sunlight pouring through the windows and the picture quality will remain unscathed. We do have to ask, though: why are you doing handstands in the corner of your apartment while watching TV?

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Anyway, this wouldn’t be a true 21st century television if it weren’t compatible with various sources of content and modes of viewing. Introducing the SUHD TV Smart Hub. And by smart we mean possibly smarter than you though we’re not passing judgment (not that the whole handstand thing did you any favors). Some of the benefits include auto-detection of which HDMI is plugged in, and full access to streaming content from sources like Netflix. In essence, the Smart Hub is compatible with your various devices, which means you can now streamline all your content into one sleek, beautiful hub. It also stores your personal preferences so you can manage your favourite programs. We told you it was smart. Along those lines, the TV comes with just one remote because research has dictated that consumers were fed up with the whole multiple remote thing ages ago. Actually, we’re not sure if that’s “smart” as much as it is just “plain common sense”.

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According to Carl Rose, the VP of Consumer Electronics at Samsung’s Australian headquarters: “Our goal is to create the ultimate television experience for Australians, bringing together multiple content sources in one seamless, easy-to-use interface, while delivering an amazing picture with our Quantum dot display technology.” As if it wasn’t somehow made clear previously, Samsung really did create the new SUHD TV line-up with the customer at heart.

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Everything from the 360 design to the lack of chords and screws to the Ultra Black light absorption technology caters to the modern experience. The Smart Hub allows for seamless navigation between various content sources and their Single Remote invokes pure, unfettered simplicity when selecting programs. Oh, and don’t forget to pair your TV with the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player to hit the Australian market: the UBD-K8500. It’s compatible with HDR and provides significantly more color and definition than a conventional player. We could also mention the state of the art 9.1 channel sound, courtesy of side-firing speakers and a signature Series 8 Curved Soundbar, but heck we wouldn’t want to overwhelm you.


samsung suhd tv art 9.1 channel sound

samsung suhd tv side firing speaker