Scott’s 5 Favourites – September 2019

Hi guys, my name is Scott Purcell, one of the two co-founders of Man of Many, alongside Frank Arthur. Today, we’re launching a new series on the site called ‘5 Favourites‘ where we’ll be bringing you five of the coolest things we’ve discovered over the past month. It could be an article we’ve read, Netflix show or movie we’ve watched, a new product we’ve tried or even a bar or restaurant we’ve visited.

The hope is that you can learn a bit more about who each of us are at Man of Many, what we’re into and form more of a personal relationship with each of the writers as well as gain an insight into our own personal tastes and opinions.

So without further adieu, here are my 5 Favourites for September 2019.

Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones

I’ve been using these headphones at my desk as my main pair of headphones for the last three weeks or so and most recently took them overseas on a trip to Singapore. Right off the bat, I can say they are neearrrly perfect headphones and while a lot of things I’ve listed below might seem like small bugbears, I’d still strongly recommend buying a pair if you’re willing to fork out the cash for them.

So what are the pros? The styling, look and feel are much improved on the Bose QC35’s with no visible screws and a much sleeker design. They also have a much slimmer profile when folded flat for fitting into a backpack or suitcase than the previous QC’s. Sound quality is insane and pretty much what you’d expect from a high-end audio brand like Bose, but most importantly, the noise cancelling on the new 700’s feels like you’re instantly transported into your own space of zen. In terms of the added features, I love that when you turn them on it tells you how much power you have left in hours and minutes rather than a battery percentage. It’s also great that they have a new button to turn off the noise cancellation so you can hear normally the things around you, almost as if you’re not wearing any headphones, yet the audio can still play while you’re in this mode (unlike some of their competitors). It also now charges via USB-C, which is an absolute must-have for any modern tech product in my view. No one wants to have to use extra dedicated cables for their devices.

Something they showed us at the product demo, which I haven’t had the chance to try out too much myself, is that not only do you benefit from noise cancellation but if you take a call on the headset, it will also cancel out any background noise so the other person on the line can more clearly hear your voice.

It all sounds pretty good so far. So what are the cons? Or areas for improvement that could ultimately make them the perfect pair of headphones? This is probably easier in a list:

  • They’re not quite as comfortable on your head or around your neck as the QC35’s in my view. With the improved style and design, comes a more premium feel but slightly added weight to the QC35’s. The band across the top also hugs your head and neck a little tighter than the QC35’s, not so much that it’s uncomfortable but enough that it’s a noticeable difference.
  • The new button I mentioned to turn off noise cancellation has 3 modes: 10 (for full noise-cancellation), 5 for half and zero for off. This means you have to press the button twice to turn it off which is a little annoying. Not sure why you’d ever want to use level 5 either. Though the app you can adjust it more precisely to 10 different levels.
  • No physical volume buttons. You now control the volume by swiping your finger along the right-hand side of the earcup up or down. I miss the physical buttons of the previous versions.
  • No aeroplane adapter. The large majority of people use these for travel so it would make sense for Bose to include a plane adapter in the case.

So the question on everyone’s lips, is it worth updating to these over the previous version QC35’s? If all you’re concerned with is the noise-cancellation and sound quality, then probably not as you can save yourself around AUD$200. But if you’re anything like me, and willing to fork out a little more to get the latest and greatest and design is important to you, then you definitely won’t regret the extra spend. They’re pretty fantastic for travel.

Buy the Bose 700 Headphones here

Buy the Bose QC35’s here

IDARS Inflight Bluetooth Transmitter

So off the back of taking the headphones away with me to Singapore, I forgot to pack a plane adapter which meant I couldn’t use them to listen to the in-flight entertainment. On the way back I decided to try out this Bluetooth Transmitter for planes, and I have to say I couldn’t have been happier. There was next to no latency, the sound quality was amazing and the setup was super easy. It’s also got a nice blue light on it so you won’t easily forget it when you head off the plane.

Buy it here

Netflix: American Factory

I really loved watching this documentary on Netflix which was produced by the Obamas. It’s a great commentary on the cultural differences between East and West, modernisation and technological advancement in manufacturing and the human struggles of running a business. I liked the way it didn’t take a position either way and let the story develop with us the viewers sitting back as casual observers.

Watch it on Netflix

Kevin Rose Podcast

I’ve been a big fan of Kevin’s ever since discovering him through Tim Ferris’ old ‘Random Show’ podcast (which is in some ways a little similar to our 5 Favourite’s series). He’s got a wealth of knowledge having founded, invested in and run several companies in silicon valley as well as working for the big dogs at Google. What I love about his podcast is that he explores the common struggles we all have in a transparent fashion, whether it be mental health, exercise, business success or relationships and isn’t scared to speak out about his own vulnerabilities. He’s often got some great guests on to speak about productivity and it’s a great listen for anyone interested in self-improvement or lifehacking.

Listen to the podcast here

Atlas Bar in Singapore

A bar we discovered on our recent trip to Singapore that opened in just 2017. It’s famous for its giant central column filled with hundreds of gins that runs floor to ceiling around 15 metres high. The waitress told us that it’s been rated the 8th best bar in the world and we can certainly see why. Definitely worth a stop off for a quick cocktail or nightcap if you’re ever in town but we recommend that you make a booking to secure a seat. Behind the main bar you’ll also find a wine fridge that houses a 1907 bottle of champagne that was the exact same vintage of champagne served on the Titanic. The bottles were only discovered in 1960 on another sunken vessel and retail at the bar for AUD$200,000.

Visit Atlas Bar here