Top 25 Startups that Aussies Want to Work For

Calling all Aussie job-seekers! LinkedIn—aka the world’s largest professional network—has just released its 2019 Top Australian Startups List. The annual rankings determine which Australian startups are growing the fastest and recruiting the best talent along the way. It’s then only natural that ambitious Aussies would want to land a job at any one of these promising companies.

Topping the list and making its Top Startups debut is Judo Bank. After being granted a full banking license from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), Judo became the nation’s first challenger bank to focus solely on small and medium-sized business lending.

It’s joined on the list by a number of fin-tech and neobanks, many of whom represent a threat to Australia’s much bigger (and much older) players. Since you can’t deliver a fresh perspective without copious amounts of fresh talent, these startups are looking for intelligent professionals with skills in software development, business analysis, and financial services.

LinkedIn Australia News Editor Natalie MacDonald said the following: “The annual LinkedIn Top Startups list is a reflection of how work is changing, what new industries are emerging and rapidly growing, and where people want to work now, This year’s list has seen 19 new entrants from a variety of industries – highlighting the competitive make-up of Australia’s fast-paced startups scene. These startups offer great job opportunities for professionals who are keen to grow their careers fast.”

Here are the Top 25 Startups that Aussies want to work for, according to LinkedIn:

  1. Judo Bank
  2. Canva
  3. Volt Bank
  4. Mantel Group
  5. Xinja
  6. Athena Home Loans
  7. Shippit
  8. Viridian Advisory
  9. Assembly Payments
  10. Sonder
  11. Flare HR
  12. Alex Solutions
  13. Integrity Life
  14. Moula
  15. Verdia
  16. Versent
  17. GetCapital
  18. RedEye Apps
  19. GO1
  20. Barhead Solutions
  21. Cover Genius
  22. Enable Professional Services
  23. Clinic to Cloud
  24. HiSmile
  25. LegalVision

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