What’s Keeping Us Sane This Week – 4 April 2020

Another week in isolation means another week of trying to curb the boredom blues. Like so many of you out there, we’re couped-up indoors waiting for the crisis to quiet down and for our lives to return to some degree of normality. But it appears we might be here for a while. How we get through the weeks is anyone’s question, but the team at Man of Many have found some useful distractions to keep us from dipping over the edge and into full-blown cabin fever.

What’s Keeping Us Sane this first week of April?

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Nick Hall – Digital Editor

Stay with me guys. If you’ve never experienced the unbridled satisfaction of blasting a seemingly unsalvagably dirty cabinet back to pristine white, you have not lived. This week, my girlfriend and I packed up the house, rearranged and turned our humble abode into a makeshift office fit for two. But amidst the chaos and clutter, we took the time to clean and brother, was it satisfying. Our home has never been tidier and I’ve never been more motivated to work. It’s amazing what a bit of gumption can do.

If you’re like me and have suddenly found yourself Googling power-washing videos to relax, I highly recommend hitting up the PowerWashingPorn subreddit. Top-notch stuff over there.

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Building mini gundams

Building Mini Gundam Kit Models

Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I actually grew up in Japan when I was little, so I have always had a bit of a fascination and interest in Japanese culture. I’m not sure if that’s why I’ve always found a lot of similarities in Pewdiepie with his passion for the country as well.

Anyways, I remember watching one of his videos after his trip to Tokyo in which he was showing off this Gundam Robot Model kit he put together, and I immediately got envious. I think it could’ve been the inner child in me coming out but I did miss stepping away from the computer and building or creating something with my bare hands.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2020, and this was when I finally picked up my first Mini Gundam model kit in Akihabara. I actually ended up building it earlier this year upon my return before all the world fell apart with Corona. Nevertheless, I loved it. It could have been the fact that I was building something for no purpose at all other than my own enjoyment. I mean, they look cool but I’m not exactly going to have these all standing up on my mantle. I guess it could also have been that I was focused on one task and small details without the distraction of technology or anything else around me.

To cut a long story short, I picked up four more of the mini Gundam model kits for something enjoyable to build on the weekend to take my mind off of things. They’re super easy to put together, require no glue and it’s a great way to pass the time. Here are the four I chose;

Wim Hof Method

Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

To help keep me occupied (and hopefully somewhat sane), I’ve decided to start practising the Wim Hof Method (WHM). I’ve been curious about it for a quite some time but have never got around to trying, until now.

Wim “The Iceman” Hof, the man behind the method, is a crazy bearded Dutch ex-military veteran known for his feats of extreme physical endurance such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in only a pair of shoes and shorts and running the world’s fastest half marathon barefoot on ice and snow. It’s claimed that if you follow the WHM, you too will unlock a higher level of physical and mental performance that most people would believe is unattainable.

The WHM is a 10-week program involving a series of physical drills that include cold exposure, breathing exercises and stretching. While the method bears his name, The Iceman didn’t invent the wheel, the WHM combines elements found in yoga, meditation, martial arts and other established physical and mental training techniques.

So why do it? Supposedly results include a stronger immune system, faster recovery, better sleep and heightened focus and determination. I’m only a few days into the 10-week program so I can’t attest to all of the claimed benefits just yet. Although, what I can say is that on day 1 while doing my very first breathing exercise, I was able to hold my breath for 46 seconds, by day 4 doing the exact same exercise, I can now hold my breath for over 3 minutes.

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electric wellness

Electric Wellness Instagram Account – Recipes & Food Inspo

Denise Barnes – Native Content Manager

When we first started working from home, I have to admit, I had a bit of a f*ck it mentality and perhaps indulged in a little too much pizza, burgers and ice-cream. Now three weeks in, I’ve really started enjoying experimenting with food and creating dishes I normally wouldn’t. Right now, my go-to source for delicious yet healthy recipes is the Electric Wellness Instagram account. A beautiful Instagram feed with easy-to-follow recipes. It’s a win-win.

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What’s Keeping Us Sane

Three weeks of self-isolation down. That’s 21 days. Or 504 hours. Or 30,204 minutes. Or…you get the picture. It’s a long time to be stuck at home with very little other than work to keep you occupied, but we’re thankful we have that. What it has taught us so far has been humility. It’s funny what happens when we’re left to our devices, responsible for our enjoyment and happiness. The things we turn to are often the tasks we choose to avoid in our everyday life; cooking, cleaning, building and breathing. Human beings are complex creatures, and perhaps after all the hysteria has passed, humanity might hit the reset button on social norms, prompting us all to take our new-found enlightenment to the masses.

Or maybe I’m just getting philosophical in my boredom.

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