BEERMKR Craft Beer Brewing Machine is for Anyone

BEERMKR Craft Beer Brewing Machine is set to turn any beer lover into a beer maker. The brewing process is an involved process that not only requires the proper equipment, but also a certain level of artistry and mastery. More and more craft brewers are popping up, but there’s still a major hurdle of learning and acquiring equipment to overcome before you can create a great beer. BEERMKR takes all that complexity out of the equation.

Instead, BEERMKR automates everything of the process. The unit, which is a little larger than an automatic breadmaker, sits on your counter and takes care of everything for you. Using an app on your smartphone, BEERMKR monitors the process, sending you push notifications to inform you of when you need to do something. The beer pouch replaces the need of a still that has to be cleaned and disinfected between batches. Instead, brew your beer and then send the pouch to be recycled. Additionally, once the beer has been made, you can use that same pouch to carbonate it with a CO2 monitoring system.

beermkr beer brewing machine front side

BEERMKR brews a gallon of beer at a time and does so in just seven days. The quick-disconnect valves and isolated chambers allow you to quickly and easily add or remove ingredients—and with the help of the app, you’ll do so at just the right time. With the available mixes, you can get started brewing a beer in as little as five minutes.

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inside view beermkr machine